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Northerners Reveal the Perfect Ice Cream Weather

A recent survey has uncovered the nation’s preferences for ‘ice cream weather’, revealing a divide between Northerners and their English counterparts

Mackie’s of Scotland gathered responses from 4009 people across the UK – and found that on average, Brits consider 11.2°C as the baseline temperature for enjoying ice cream.

Northerners, however, fell above average, with a temperature of 11.6°C considered sufficient for ice cream eating, compared to the overall average of 11.8°C in England and cooler than 12.2°C in the South East region.

Those living in Northern Ireland proved to be least affected by the cold, suggesting that anything above 9.6 degrees had them reaching for the scoop.

Angus Hayhow is Head of Marketing at Mackie’s of Scotland, a fourth-generation family farm in Aberdeenshire that produces luxury ice cream using milk and cream from its own herd.

ice cream weather

Commenting on the perfect ice cream weather, he said:

“Each summer we see a surge in demand for ice cream. We’ve always accepted it as a given that people eat more of it when the mercury rises.

“So, it’s intriguing to see the differences in what people across the UK consider the perfect ice cream weather.

“Hats off to Northern Ireland though whose love of ice cream overcomes the seasons.”

The survey also revealed the weather conditions under which people are most likely to enjoy ice cream.

It’s no surprise that almost all respondents would eat ice cream in the sunshine, but interestingly, nearly 75% of Northerners would eat the sweet treat in the rain.

Astonishingly six in 10 Northerners would even indulge in a scoop of ice cream in the snow – four per cent more than their South Eastern counterparts.

About Mackie’s

ice cream weather

Mackie’s is one of the UK’s top-selling luxury ice creams, with a 13% rise in market share in the past year when it sold more than 13.3 million litres. The expansion was partly fuelled by large listings for its Honeycomb ice cream across major supermarkets in England.

As well as its ice cream, Mackie’s of Scotland cares about sustainability, generating twice as much energy as it uses from its renewables estate, which includes four wind turbines, one of Scotland’s largest solar farms, various additional solar arrays, and a biomass plant.

The company’s ‘sky to scoop’ ethos means they produce almost everything on-site, including ingredients, packaging, and ice cream inclusions like honeycomb pieces and sauces.

Angus added:

“At Mackie’s, we take great pride in producing everything from our farm in Aberdeenshire, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability in our products. This survey highlights the nation’s love for ice cream, no matter the weather, which is heartening to see.”

Since 1986, Mackie’s is now one of the UK’s largest independent ice cream manufacturers, distributing its products across the UK and worldwide.

To find out more about Mackie’s of Scotland, please visit here.