spirits over ice

Best Spirits to be Served Over Ice

Leading ice brand, The Ice Co, shares the most essential spirits which can be served over ice as we head into a summer of sport

With summer just around the corner, nothing beats a refreshingly chilled drink when the sun’s out. Leading ice brand, The Ice Co, has collated a list of the best spirits to enjoy on the rocks.

Whether you’re planning on hosting all summer long, or simply enjoying a cooling drink in the garden throughout the warmer months, you can’t go wrong with these four essential spirits over ice.


spirits over ice

Vodka works perfectly served over ice with a spritz of lemon or lime, or, with a tropical fruit mixer. Vodka-based drinks like a Passion Fruit Vodka Spritz, as well as classic mixers like orange, lemonade, and cranberry, can be paired perfectly with ice for a long-lasting chilled drink to be savoured. 

Large ice cubes like Super Cubes have more surface area, which means they’ll dilute slower and gradually trickle a bit of water into your glass. This helps to create a thirst-quenching tipple with the ideal ratio of liquor to mix if you don’t want to overly weaken the flavours of your drink. 

If you like your vodka straight, we’d recommend adding a few cubes to a glass and then pouring 50ml of vodka over the ice. Store the vodka and glass itself in the fridge to keep your drink especially chilled.


spirits over ice

Rum can make any occasion feel like a summer holiday. Whether you prefer a fruity cocktail like a Rum Sunset or choose to have it straight, this spirit will always be a fun and versatile go-to for summer.

You can use ice to chill rum-based cocktails, straight rum, or even blended to create the classic frozen daiquiri. Dilution could be a downside as melting ice can lead to a watery drink, but it can also be a welcomed addition when serving the spirit straight.

When mixing drinks, the water from shaking or stirring a cocktail with ice combines the various flavours and softens the alcohol kick to create a smoother drink. Add a lime wedge and some Party Ice to any rum-based drink this summer for a punchy tipple no matter the occasion.


spirits over ice

Whilst nothing beats a classic G&T in the sunshine, it’s important to know just how to chill this beer garden favourite throughout the warmer months. Gin beverages like a Gin Sling can be more interesting with different flavours of mixer or tonic and garnishes like lime, lemon, or even edible flowers.

The Ice Co’s Super Cubes are ideal to enjoy with this classic tipple, diluting slowly and keeping it sharp and chilled all afternoon long. When enjoying gin straight and on the rocks, remember to swirl the gin and ice cubes around in the glass a few times to help chill the gin before sipping slowly!


spirits over ice

Liqueur is a sweetened spirit that combines distilled liquor with additional flavourings such as sugar, fruits, spices, coffee, and chocolate. The versatility of liqueurs and their sweeter flavours make them the perfect option for a range of fun and fruity drinks this summer.

Liqueur-based drinks like Aperol SpritzHugo Spritz and Limoncello Berry Burst are best with a generous helping of ice in a balloon glass, Polar Cube ice can help to elevate and create the perfect refreshing beverages for the hot weather.