9 of the Best Al Fresco Cookbooks for Summer 2024

Robert Matthew guides you through some of the best al fresco cookbooks specialising in all types and styles of outdoor cooking

Summer has finally arrived, and many will be turning to outdoor activities,
and adventures, creating new memories with loved ones. When it comes
to deciding what to eat, al fresco, or eating outdoors, is the way to go.

From sophisticated soirées to fun vegan-friendly picnics, there’s surely something to satisfy your appetite! Here are some of the best al fresco cookbooks to make the most out of long, warm summer evenings in the garden.

al fresco cookbooks

This unique book brings together Gill Meller’s love of eating outdoors and the joys of cooking. Using naturally sourced ingredients and seasonal ingredients, the recipes are sure to delight and inspire everyone back into locally sourced cooking.


al fresco cookbooks

Marina’s book covers 60 delightful, easy-to-make recipes to take with you on your next picnic. Branded as ‘the ultimate guide to taking your picnic to the next level’ this book is filled with full of colour delicious recipes.


The Outdoor Table: Recipes for Living and Eating Well by Alanna O’Neil

Capturing together beautiful ascetics and simple recipes, this book allows you to host simple and elegant dinner parties. It not only includes recipes but also helpful advice on what you can pair with your dinner to refine your table-setting technique.


Tom Kerridge's Outdoor Cooking: The Ultimate Modern Barbecue Bible

Michelin star TV chef Tom Kerridge is hugely passionate about his barbeques, and this book covers it all. Chapters include starters, meat, fish and veggies and more. A Sunday Times bestseller, it contains over 80 recipes to help you introduce beautiful, and amazing flavours through fire and smoke.


Foolproof BBQ: 60 Simple Recipes to Make the Most of Your Barbecue by Genevieve Taylor

This cookbook is specially designed for those who are new to BBQ cooking. With clear and simple instructions, cooking expert Genevieve Taylor will walk you through every step along the way to ensure your next summer party is a sizzling success.


Al fresco Cookbooks

Designed for open-fire cooking, this fantastic book offers both techniques and recipes to help you master the art of live-fire cooking. Linda Ly walks you through building your very own home fire pit, requiring very little investment or space.


Al fresco Cookbooks

Chef Danny Jack and his wife Hailee Kukura have travelled to parts of Europe and America in their own self-built campervan. This cookbook is designed for anyone living within a small space, all the recipes included within can be made on a two-ring gas hob.


Al fresco Cookbooks

Survival expert and chef Ray Mears has brought together decades of experience in outdoor living and coupled it with his passion for healthy good food. With over 100 beautifully designed tasty meals, there is something for everyone inside, even those with a small appetite!


Al fresco Cookbooks

Vegan Chef Carla Kelly offers readers charming vegan-friendly meals designed for both novice and sophisticated cooks. With delicious food suggestions such as cider-battered tofu and tempeh pate, this book has everything a vegan-friendly lifestyle would need for a fantastic summer picnic or seaside trip.


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