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Review: VAR Facial at Pure Bliss, Sunderland

What is the VAR facial? How does it work? What are the results? We head along to Pure Bliss in Sunderland to find out everything you need to know…

Nicole Wood

Journalist at Luxe

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of the VAR facial and are wondering what it is, how it works or possibly even considering trying it for yourself?

After hearing about this new ‘no downtime’ facial and witnessing some impressive before and afters, it felt like time to figure it out for myself.

Treating me to this exciting new treatment are the lovely ladies at Pure Bliss – a little sanctuary located in Sunderland. Here you can expect relaxing experiences and results-driven treatments, as well as top-to-toe pampering and all of your beauty essentials.

Pure Bliss team
The Pure Bliss team

What is the VAR facial?

The VAR (Visible Age Reverse) facial is one of Guinot’s newest treatments promising younger looking skin without any downtime.

The VAR combines the use of an active serum concentrate with a machine to provide amazing results.

The concentrate applied to the skin rapidly increases blood flow. This means bringing more oxygen, energy, amino acids and vitamins to the skin cells. The machine aids the penetration of the concentrate as well as boosting the lymphatic system to help decongest the skin tissue, sculpt and firm the facial features.

Preparing for the VAR facial

No prep necessary. I arrive at Pure Bliss in my comfiest attire, hair slicked back and makeup free.

After filling in a brief consultation form and chatting all things skin concerns to the lovely therapist in charge of my treatment, we’re almost ready to begin.

We head upstairs and step inside one of the many luxurious treatment rooms.

The room is cosy with dimmed lighting, warm neutral tones, soft furnishings and relaxing spa-like music playing in the background

Kicking off my shoes, I dive into the bed, headband on and cocooned myself into the blanket.

Feeling relaxed and ready to fall asleep, my lovely therapist gives me a pre-treatment precautionary warning that the serum concentrate she will soon apply will make my skin feel as though it’s warming up.

VAR Facial
One of Pure Bliss’ clients receiving her first VAR treatment

What are the steps of the VAR facial?

The treatment begins with a thorough cleanse followed by a gentle exfoliate. Using a massage-like technique every nook and cranny of my skin is as clean as can be.

Following the cleanse, comes the serum concentrate. The therapist gently applies the product to my forehead, temples, surrounding eye area, lip line, chin, jaw and neck. As my skin begins to warm, I’m grateful for the pre-warning. It’s not a painful sensation, but the synthetic heat certainly makes itself known. For me, it gave the same sensation when applying heat rub to painful joints or muscle aches.

Don’t worry though, the warmth is nothing to fear. If anything, it means the treatment is working correctly.

As the synthetic heat works its magic, it increases blood flow bringing more oxygen, energy, amino acids and vitamins to the skin, meaning it’s time for the next step.

Following the same areas the serum has been applied to on my face, the therapist gently glides the Guinot machine in a back and forth motion. This allows the magic of the treatment to be extended further.

Once all areas have been covered generously, the skin is once again cleansed, before a cooling massage is carried out using ice globes.

The sensation of the ice globes being rolled across my face, combating the warming sensation is satisfying and oh-so soothing to say the least.

To finish, a nourishing moisturiser is applied to the skin and the immediate results are revealed.

Pure Bliss VAR Facial

The results?

At first, there’s a little redness which lasts around 20 minutes. Following this normal post-treatment appearance comes an instant glow.

The aim of the VAR facial is target fine lines, sculpt, firm and lift the skin and I can confidently say, my skin is instantly looking less puffy.

My glowing, firmer-looking complexion is left feeling a little tight which is to be expected following a lifting treatment.

To see continued results, a course of three to four treatments is highly recommended. Following this, a consultation with one of the lovely therapists will help you decide on how to maintain your shiny new complexion.


The best part? There’s no downtime! Following what feels like a mini face lift, the only aftercare advice to follow is to avoid heat for 24 hours. Simply no hot baths, steam rooms or saunas for the first day, apply a high factor SPF and you’re good to go!

The VAR (Visible Age Reverse) facial is a 30 minute treatment for £125. Single treatments are available to book, but a course is recommended for best results. Visit: pureblissspa.co.uk for more information.