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Review: Summer Menu at 3Sixty Champagne Lounge

June has in store many exciting happenings, one of them is the sparkling new summer menu at 3Sixty Champagne Lounge…

Caroline Dask

Journalist at Luxe

If you ask me, there is simply no better way to spend the last day of May high up in the sky at the top floor of Hadrian’s Tower, sampling the new summer menu of the glamorous and sophisticated – 3Sixty Champagne Lounge.

My dinner date and I are heading towards the restaurant on a Friday evening and it’s no secret I have been so looking forward to this. While I had the pleasure of visiting the venue once before, I never had a chance to try out their tempting food offering. Rumour has it, it’s truly unique.

As we arrive, the sun is beaming over Hadrian’s Tower and the city is in full swing of weekend activities. Stepping inside the building, it oozes luxury and opulence. As we step into the lift, my friend makes a joke asking ‘Which floor should we go on?’, as the only button available is marked by the number 26, and as I press it, we’re flying up.

Review 3Sixty

Review 3Sixty Champagne Lounge – First Impressions

As the door opens, we’re welcomed into the beautiful surroundings of 3Sixty Champagne Lounge. The friendly staff kindly escort us to our seats and as we sit down we take a minute to appreciate the view next to us.

The setting could not get any better. Golden hour is very much painting Newcastle in the best light and we can see, what seems like, the whole city below our feet. Not to mention the mesmerising décor of the venue.

As we take our time to take everything in, glasses of white wine (Cantine Di Ora Pinot Grigio, £9.25) are placed on our table with wooden toppers on top, full of goat cheese, prosciutto crudo, roasted peanuts, salami and a juicy strawberry. We clink our glasses and let the evening begin.

Review 3Sixty Champagne Lounge – Cocktails

As 3Sixty Champagne Lounge prepares for a busy summer season, a great addition to their summer menu is their impressive cocktail offering. Looking around the bustling venue I can see that each of their guests gets to try a different one on the menu.

We’re lucky enough to try out their ‘Sparks Be Flying’ (£14.50) cocktail. It’s a beautiful mix of white, spiced and dark rum, orange and pineapple juice with a shot of flaming ovenproof rum. When we say flaming, we mean it.

The cocktail arrives with a scooped-out passionfruit in flames. The waiter is careful to tell us that we should blow out the flame before sipping. Upon the first sip, I can confidently confirm the cocktail tastes as good as it looks. It’s a refreshing taste with an aftertaste of smooth rum. Perfection!

My dinner date gets a treat of ‘Beauty & The Beast’ (£14.50) concoction. It’s a mix of archers, malibu, grenadine and apple juice, served with a beast shot. The beast shot is, in fact, tequila. Unable to sip it in one go, we decide to share it, and boy it has a kick to it! The cocktail, however, is a smooth ride and goes down a treat. A very sweet dessert cocktail is how I would describe it.

Review 3Sixty

Review 3Sixty Champagne Lounge – Summer Menu

As we’re sipping on our delicious cocktails and having a conversation about the week that passed us by, the staff at 3Sixty Champagne Lounge are prompt to adorn our table with what seems to be an endless river of small plates.

The first serving includes Fish Cakes with chive veloute and pickled shallots (£9.50), Spicy Pork Croquettes with poke sauce and picked cucumbers (£10) and Za’atar Hummus with olive tapenade and crostini (£10).

Out of all these options, Za’atar Hummus is the star of the show for both myself and my dinner guest. Everything is perfection. From the fluffy, soft and warm naan bread, to the smooth flavour of hummus. Combined together it’s a delightful start to our culinary journey.

Fish Cakes are quickly gone too. Upon the first bite, the soft texture melts in my mouth and the deep-fried exterior gives it that extra crunch. The Spicy Croquettes have a kick to it. It’s a unique flavour and will be perfect for those who enjoy a bit of spice in their foodie life.

Review 3Sixty

Round Two

As we’re munching away on our delicious food, the staff at 3Sixty Champagne Lounge brings in the second round of their summer menu. This time, it includes Roasted Lobster Tail with saffron and dill butter (£40), 8oz Rump Steak with salsa verde (£12.50) and Fried Burrata with balsamic, marinated tomatoes and rocket leaves (£12.50).

As I’m eyeing what’s in front of us, trying to decide where to start, my dinner guest casually lets me know she has never tried lobster before. So, naturally, this is where we start round two. Upon the first bite, I can see my dinner date’s eyes widen as we exchange nods of approval. The saffron and dill butter complement the lobster tail beautifully, pairing together into a flavour of velvety freshness.

Next up is 8oz rump steak. You simply can never go wrong with rump steak and no exception this time, it does not disappoint. The salsa verde is an intriguing and unconventional addition to this meal, but it tastes heavenly.

We’re ending our foodie adventure with the Fried Burrata. As I slice the knife through it, the cheesy goodness oozes over the rocket leaves. Paired with marinated tomatoes it’s a light and delightful combination. A perfect way to end our meal.

Review 3Sixty Champagne Lounge – Heavenly Escape

Having tried and sampled almost the entirety of 3Sixty’s summer menu, there is no room for dessert. And as the live jazz music spreads across the dining area, we’re sipping the last of our cocktails, overlooking the sunset. No better setting than this.

The staff at 3Sixty are a lovely and attentive bunch. So, if you’re in the mood to spend a summer evening in the clouds, devouring the flavours of summer, 3Sixty Champagne Loung is where it’s at. Heavenly views, exquisite food and refreshing cocktails all wrapped in the sound of live jazz music and opulence. You simply can’t beat it.