Dip Club North East

Q&A with the Founders of Dip Club North East

Katie and Meg are the brains behind Dip Club North East, a cold water social club born by the sea…

Elysia Fryer

Editor at Luxe

Katie and Meg connected on social media, driven by a shared quest for holistic wellbeing following their busy London lifestyles and choice to lead an alcohol free lifestyle.

Dip Club is a coastal social hub launched in 2022, bringing together over 15,000 people who have embraced the cold water and its physical and mental health benefits.

Like Katie and Meg in the early days, each dipper has a unique motivation for embracing the cold water. For many, it’s a catalyst for connection, uplifting energy and nurturing within a community.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of multiple locations along the North East coastline, Dip Club is all about creating a community in a calming environment.

Dip Club North East

What can you tell us about Dip Club in the North East and how it came about?

Dip Club is a cold water social club born on the North East coast. Our mission is to bring together communities and make socialising fun – outside of drinking culture through cold water therapy.

Meg and I connected on Instagram through our love of the alcohol-free lifestyle. We talked about trying cold water swimming and decided to hold each other accountable and do it!

We went dipping in the North Sea together in 2022 and instantly fell in love with the buzz of it. There was something so healing about the water, it was like a total reset. We started telling everyone and everybody, getting our family and friends to try it. We knew we wanted as many people as possible to experience it.

Now, we dip with groups as big as 300 at beaches along the North East coast. It’s like a big fun Boxing Day dip… but every Sunday!

How did you come to work together?

We share similar stories, we were both working in media in London in our twenties. Then, both moved back to the North East and lacked community and friendship.

We met on Instagram, then became real life friends. As we got to know each other we knew we wanted to create something and work together. We wanted to give back and feel connected to the North East landscape and the amazing people in it.

Dip Club North East

What can you tell us about the holistic wellbeing benefits of sea dipping?

A huge part of dipping for us is the mental health aspect. It’s a major mood booster and relieves stress. The difference in people’s faces when they come out of the water is amazing – the smiles say it all!

There is something incredibly powerful about overcoming the challenge of getting in cold water. It makes you feel like you can take on anything and it has a ripple effect through your life. If we’re having a tough week, the cold water is like a reset.

What tends to be the motivation behind the dippers in your community?

Everyone has their own reasons for dipping. In our Speedo content series we explored some dipper stories, they covered everything from overcoming grief, looking to make new friends, gaining confidence, improving mental health and overcoming addiction.

These are just a few of the reasons we’ve heard from our dippers.

Dip Club North East

What can people expect if they come along for a dip?

We meet every Sunday morning. Our socials are free to attend. We meet on the beach, run into the sea and dance to get warm on the beach. Sometimes we host fun themed dips which our community loves.

Our most popular social is a monthly Dunk N’ Doughnuts event where we pre order doughnuts to the beach!

What’s next for Dip Club?

Our plan is to expand Dip Club to new locations around the country.

And finally, what are your three luxe things in life?

Community. A good playlist. The ability to not take life too seriously.


Photo credits: Jules Williams Photography