NE1's Quayside mural

Newcastle’s Quayside Gets New Artwork

International artist Andy Welland has updated Wesley Square with a fabulous new design…

Newcastle’s Quayside is gearing up for another fabulous NE1 Summer in the City and the now-famous mural on Wesley Square has a stunning and colourful new design for the season, delivered by internationally renowned artist Andy Welland. 

Working with Unit 44, Accent London and the London Mural Company, NE1 commissioned Welland to create this year’s installation. They completed the giant masterpiece in June. It stretches over 90 metres in length in its prominent position on the banks of the Tyne. They believe it to be the largest piece of temporary pavement art in the UK.

The mural has become a signature summertime fixture on the Quayside for the past three years with a former bus lane transformed into a linear work of art.

Each year, NE1 commissions a new artist to transform the space. Doing so adds extra vibrancy to the Quayside, and something new to compliment the area’s iconic scenery. In previous years the artists MUL and Oflines have had the honour of transforming the area.

NE1 is delighted with the choice of artist and the stunning creation that has been produced.

NE1's Quayside mural

Ben Whitfield, Director of Communications at NE1 said:

“Newcastle’s Quayside is a wonderful canvas for NE1’s activations throughout the year. Particularly during the summer holidays when the sun shines on this magnificent location. It is one of Newcastle’s most well-known and most loved areas. We are constantly looking for ways to ensure that it looks fresh, interesting and engaging with lots of exciting new additions and activities.

“Andy’s mural is a great addition to this iconic area. It is a show-stopping masterpiece that decorates the pavement with a riot of colour and shapes. It gives a novel backdrop for capturing summer photos and adds a new dimension to one of the city’s most iconic vistas.

“The pavement art, our Play Pavilion, our range of colourful seating, and all the activities in our Summer in the City programme are designed to give free fun for all the family to enjoy in the city and on our wonderful Quayside.”

Danny Hughes at Unit 44 said:

“Once again we have taken on the elements, this time with internationally revered visual artist Andy Welland. The playful and vibrant tone of Andy’s work encourages interaction. We are firm believers that art is for everyone, and that starts with highly accessible aesthetics. We take it as a real win when we see children interacting and playing with our installations.

“There will be people already familiar with Andy’s work, and it’s a real privilege to have someone of his reputation leaving his mark on the city. Again, after a year in the planning, we have injected a flash of colour and shape on the iconic Newcastle Quayside with NE1.”

Commenting on the new artwork, the artist, Andy Welland said:

“Painting this mural on Newcastle’s Quayside has been an extraordinary journey, deeply rooted in my personal connection to the area and the wider city. Loose Ends 300 is a graphic collage inspired by the energy of the River Tyne, the forms of iconic bridges, and the collective energy of the people, all coming together as a collage of positive energy, independent spirit and zeal.

“This mural celebrates Northern solidarity, a testament to how we turn challenges into opportunities; transforming coal dust into diamonds. It is about encouraging kids to dream big, forge their own paths and build upon culture together. The Quayside is a space that embodies continuous transformation. It is a testament to the positive, creative energy that also thrives within Newcastle’s streets.

“It is an honour to contribute to such an iconic space. The mural is an invitation for viewers to explore and interpret the abstract collage in their own, personal way. To see the beauty in each element, and to feel the unity and strength that defines Newcastle. I hope this mural inspires and sparks the imagination in those who see it. I hope it shows that our dreams are as big and vibrant as we make them.”