Aberdevine Lingerie

Everything you Need to Know About Aberdevine Lingerie

Marta Bujwicka-Colman is the brains behind Aberdevine Lingerie – a luxe underwear brand, inspired by the local landscape

Elysia Fryer

Editor at Luxe

Lingerie is very personal and unique to the individual. It is often one of the only things we keep to ourselves or those closest to us. In today’s world, that in itself, is incredibly unique. It is our ‘base coat’ – the first and last thing we see of ourselves on a daily basis. Get that right, and you’ll feel good!

Marta is a beautiful and bright character. She can lift the room in an instant and after just five minutes with her, it makes sense how she can create a brand that is so in tune with making us feel our best.

As we chat, it’s clear to see how passionate she is that, as women, we should be investing in ourselves more. She is focused on the importance of us feeling good from the inside before projecting that energy into everybody else around us.

A feeling of confidence, independence and female empowerment, that naturally can be taken away from us as women when we have children. I absolutely get it.

After the birth of her first son, Marta spent some time thinking about all of these things she felt so passionately about, sat with her sketch book in the garden and started to create.

The result? A beautifully bespoke lingerie business that works with every outfit, every mood, every day. With its core values in versatility, timelessness, excellence and thoughtfulness, we’ve never found an underwear brand we’ve been so in line with, and we love it.

Juggling life as a mum of three, with a dog and a house move, the lovely Marta finds the time to chat about all things lingerie, from her stunning home near Helmsley.

Aberdevine Lingerie

Aberdevine Lingerie was created in my head after having my first baby…

“I realised that the underwear I was wearing didn’t fit me properly. It was missing a couple of centimetres here and there, and it was mainly because I was changing size a lot throughout pregnancy and post-partum.

“I came to realise that all of this lovely, expensive lingerie that I had, which I really loved, just wasn’t working for me anymore.”

My love of nice lingerie is something that I got from my grandmother…

“She taught me that quality underwear is something that will make you feel and look good, but more importantly, it is key for your wellbeing and how it makes you feel from the inside.”

So I started working on designs in my garden…

My idea was to come up with a bra that would change with me. I created this bralette that was very supportive and adjustable for all sizes.

“Then I started looking for people that could make it and see if the idea could be brought to life. It was a very long journey because I wanted to make sure that all of the components worked well together. It was extremely complex, which I didn’t realise from the outset.”

Aberdevine Lingerie

I wanted Aberdevine Lingerie to be as sustainable as possible from the outset…

“And it had to be very high-end, in order to make sure that the products would stand the test of time. I managed to pin down all of the components and the lace, all sourced from within Europe.

“The lace comes from a very famous manufacturer in Italy. Their off-cuts are now being re-spun and regenerated for my lace. I also wanted to make sure we could use natural dyes. The main thing was that everything had to be extremely high-end to ensure the pieces last for years.

“Eventually, after much research, I found a lady who could help me create the bralette. She’s called a ‘constructor’. She said it was probably the most comfortable bra she had ever made.”

I had never worked in fashion before, but I have always been creative and made things…

“When I was younger, I would make dresses for my little sister for her dolls. My grandmother was an artist and a maker, so I was always around her when she was creating garments.

“I always had this need to make things and create. I used to do Latin American dancing, so I would always make my dresses for that, too.”

Fast forward a few years, I ended up studying economics…

“Which I loved, but there was no real passion there. I went on to have my own company in wellness, and that’s when the environment and ‘feeling good’ became such a big part of my life and what I do.

“I’ve shown interest in environmentally-conscious creations. I was really missing this creative aspect of my life, so after having children, it really came to light and I was ready to make a change.”

Aberdevine Lingerie

I grew up in Poland, but I always knew I wanted to study in England…

“Nobody knows why, but from being around 10-years-old, I had my heart set on coming here. We didn’t have any real connections to the country, my mum was a student in Hungary and my dad in Russia, so it was totally random, but I just knew, from a very young age, that it was something I wanted to do.

“When I was 18 I came to university in London and studied modern foreign languages with education, but within the first few months I realised teaching wasn’t for me, so that’s when I went on to study economics.

“I met my husband (who grew up on the North York Moors), in London and we moved to Poland for a little while, but eventually settled back here.

“I visited North Yorkshire on a school trip when I was 12, and it always stayed with me, so when I met my husband in London and he was from the area, it was amazing. North Yorkshire very much feels like home now.

“I think it’s the people more than anything. We would never be able to do what we’re doing and raise a family in London – we are much better off here.

“It is similar to Poland in that it is very close to nature, it is beautiful and really varied in terms of the landscapes. We are so lucky to have all of those things in this region too – we’ve got the seaside, the moorland, the forests…”

Aberdevine Lingerie launched in summer last year…

“And I’m loving every minute of it. Yes, it’s a juggle, as I still have my youngest boy (of three) at home with me. He is due to start school in September. So at the moment, I have limited free time, but I was just so ready to share my passion and what I’d been working on.

“I am 100% shareholder in the business, so it’s all me at the moment, which is great in so many ways, but there’s obviously only so much you can do on your own.

“I launched the first collection last summer, it’s five pieces: a bodysuit, underwired bra, non-underwire bralette and two pairs of knickers – high and low. They come in two colours. One is cream, which is my dream because it is made using natural dyes, so it is dyed with plants. I realised that everyone wants black, so we have the pieces in black too.

“This summer, I will be launching a limited collection in an additional colour – honey, which is dyed using birch tree bark.”

I spent a lot of time researching to make sure Aberdevine’s processes are as natural and as beautifully-made as possible…

“I am very big into my research, so it has taken a long time from my initial ideas to finally get somewhere.

“One of the biggest things for me was being able to love and nurture the beautiful lace we are using, so I wanted to ensure the processes in dying and creating the pieces were as natural as possible.

“The way we dye things is not very natural, and it’s clear to see how rivers are changing and nature itself is suffering from the work we are doing within the industry.

“My grandmother was reminiscing to me about when everything used to be dyed naturally, using plants and vegetables. I got in touch with a lace manufacturer in Italy, and they said they were considering these natural methods. Later, they released a new range of regenerated lace that was naturally dyed.

“I found a husband and wife team, who were based close to my manufacturers in my hometown back in Poland, and they did workshops on natural dyeing, using plants and tree bark.

“I went to them and asked if they could try and dye my lace. They only dyed linen fabrics at this point, so it was a little out of their comfort zone, but they tried it and it worked beautifully.”

Aberdevine Lingerie is available to buy online…

“And I am one of those small business owners that still jumps for joy every time somebody invests in my brand. We are only available online at the moment, however I do organise private fitting sessions in the area, where ladies can come and have a bra fitting and talk about their requirements.

“Lingerie is such a personalised thing, so I like to do everything I can to make sure it’s a personalised experience and people are getting the best out of their luxury undergarments. I recently held a fitting session at The Feversham Arms in Helmsley, which was wonderful.

“It’s so lovely to meet like-minded ladies who either have a shared love of lingerie, or they’re treating themselves or somebody they love.”

Luxe lingerie is not just for special occasions…

“Investing in gorgeous underwear should be something we can bring into our daily lives. If you haven’t ever treated yourself to something really luxurious, I urge you to try it. It really does make you feel good from the inside out.

“Having said all of that, I am aware there are certain events and occasions in life where people are more inclined to treat themselves to lingerie – weddings, of course, being one of them.

“I went to a bridal fair and I realised that there was a huge need for supportive bodysuits to fit all shapes and sizes, so I’m currently working on push-up bras and open and closed-back bodysuits, so there are plenty of options for different occasions and fashion statements.

“My constructor has been testing our latest underwired bodysuit – wearing it for shopping, cleaning, everything – it has probably been through six different prototypes until one day she called me and said, ‘you’ve got it!’. It’s such a good feeling when a new product comes to life.”

Aberdevine Lingerie

My grandmother is, and always will be, my main source of inspiration…

“She has always been very creative, so I have her to thank for that part of me. She is also very beautiful, she holds herself with so much warmth and elegance, and that is exactly how I want Aberdevine ladies to feel in their lingerie.”

I also get lots of ideas from the nature that surrounds us…

“Whether it’s the type of lace, or the type of combination – it all comes from walking and being outside. The countryside also allows me to reset, recharge and get more creative.

“My first designs were born with me sitting in nature, in our garden, switching off from the rush of everyday life and just being present.”

Aberdevine Lingerie will always have its roots here in North Yorkshire…

“It is something I am very proud of and I think it makes the brand unique. It’s great to highlight and celebrate fashion businesses in the area, because there should definitely be more. You don’t have to be in London to create a fashion brand.

“I hope one day I can reach out to various different retailers in the region and across the country, but like photoshoots and branding shoots happening here – Aberdevine Lingerie will always have an element of nature in it. And we are in the perfect place for that.”