The Ladies Collective

The Hottest Ticket in the North East: The Ladies Collective

The Ladies Collective partnership returned for the second networking session at Newcastle’s 3Sixty Champagne Lounge

A forward-thinking trio of business leaders from the region have made their mark on the North East networking scene with their powerful and unique approach to supporting women to connect, collaborate and thrive.

One to watch, the newly formed ‘The Ladies Collective’ partnership returned with their second in a series of sold-out networking sessions dedicated to providing a supportive environment to aid women’s personal and professional growth with wellbeing and mindset at the core.

Reaching new heights female business leaders from across the region aligned at Newcastle’s 3Sixty to join The Ladies Collective, a collaboration between Claire Pickersgill from House of Hype & Co. and Julie Turnbull and Jude Daunt from Activated Mindset Online.

The Ladies Collective

The Ladies Collective has been building momentum since a successful launch event in January 2024, and tickets were snapped up swiftly after the announcement of the Spring Reset event.

By spending an inspirational evening helping local businesswomen to realign their goals, The Ladies Collective have crafted a unique opportunity for female business owners to gather together and re-evaluate their current mindset.

Guests experienced empowering sessions led by visionary speakers in mindset transformation, crystal healing, business tarot reading by Debbie Stokoe and beauty advice and treats from the team at H Beauty, Harrods plus the opportunity to make valuable new connections at the sold-out event.

The Ladies Collective

Claire Pickersgill, Founder, House of Hype & Co:

“We are in absolute awe at the response to our new networking concept. We really didn’t expect the reception we’have had from female business leaders across the region. The growth and demand has snowballed very quickly and we are working behind the scenes on some really exciting developments to support the demand.

Cultivating connections is key and the networks that are organically forming through The Ladies Collective are so inspiring to see. The demand is not just North East based. We’ve had requests to take the concept to Manchester and Edinburgh. As well as on an international scale, so we are really excited for the next stage of growth.”

Julie Turnbull, Co-Founder, Activated Mindset Online said:

“We’re feeling empowered and inspired all over again! This was our second sold-out gathering, and the enthusiasm is contagious. We’re all about prioritising ourselves, focusing on mindset, and nurturing wellbeing. In the often-lonely world of women in business, we’ve created a warm, welcoming space where support and growth go hand in hand.

According to a KPMG study, 75% of female executives need a mindset shift to thrive. We’re here to make that happen. After our last event, the interest has gone global, and we couldn’t be more excited about the journey ahead.”

That’s where these events with The Ladies Collective step in. They help women in business to break through limiting beliefs and realign with their big business ambitions. All through an evening of uplifting speaker sessions. Joining the next Ladies Collective event is a must for women in business.

Mart Tweedy, Founder of Canny Crystals, said:

“Reflecting on tonight, I think it’s important to just open your mind to realise that there is so much more to the world than just the black and white we see in everyday life. For example, my talk was about manifestation and crystal healing. We had Debbie talking about tarot and oracle and the whole evening was about the mindset.

A lot of people just go and do their normal 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, and burn themselves out. You just need to broaden your horizons like we did tonight and know that you are capable of so much.”

Suzanne Elderbrant, Founder at Suzanne Elderbrant Ltd, said:

“I think we’ve had a lot of women networking events, but there’s nothing that really focuses on us as individuals. It’s been very much the HR community, or the professional community, or women in leadership – this is completely unique. This is the wellbeing side and just actually being us. I love that it’s two and half hours spent on us!”

Faye Docherty, Head of Development and Partnerships, Foundation of Light commented:

“The Ladies Collective; Julie and Claire have a fantastic way of elevating their events. I believe much of this comes from being surrounded by truly inspirational women. The Ladies Collective really focus on sharing the importance of being the best version of yourself. All to be able to give the best of you to your business.

It’s inspiring to find yourself in an environment where you’re able to be unapologetically yourself. As well as engage with likeminded women; learning and sharing in their stories of progression and growth, which in turn, inspire your own.”

Jude Daunt Founder of the Unbreakable Mindset Methodology, added:

“This is such an amazing space that allows for vulnerability and growth. To have events like this where the sole focus is how can I support you, rather than how can I sell to you, is a powerful thing to be a part of.”