The Tempus restaurant interior

Review: The Tempus, Northumberland

Luxe heads to The Tempus to try out their new seasonal menu. Here’s what we thought…

If you haven’t already, then a visit to The Tempus is a must. Whether you’re choosing to lay your head for a night or two at this boutique hotel in Northumberland, or looking to indulge in a bite to eat at The Orangery restaurant, we can safely say you won’t be disappointed.

The Tempus exterior

For us, it’s the latter. Following a recent office move to our new HQ on Newcastle’s Quayside, our week so far has been hectic to say the least. So, our dinner plans in the peaceful grounds of Charlton Hall come as a welcome break.

Charlton Hall, an award-winning wedding and event venue, is renowned across the region for its fine hospitality, elegance and class; and this sister venue just a stone’s throw away is gearing up to be the same.

The venue…

At the heart of The Tempus, you’ll fine The Orangery where foodie delights can be enjoyed in abundance.

Whether you’re stopping by for a spot of lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner, the menus here aim to impress. Think high quality, locally sourced ingredients.

The à la carte menu, curated by Head Chef Alistair Weightman, evolves with the seasons, offering a delightful dining experience, and tonight, we’re here to try the new menu.

Stepping into The Tempus’ Orangery, we were immediately charmed by its relaxed yet polished atmosphere. The decor, a perfect blend of quirky creativity and luxury, set the tone for a comforting, yet exceptional dining experience.

From the moment we arrive, the staff’s warm welcome and attentive service make us feel right at home. Our helpful waitress expertly guides us through the enticing menu, helping us to make an informed decision from the many tempting options available.

For starters…

After much deliberation, I begin with the Craster Kipper & Northumberland Cheese Croquettes (£9.95), served with cockle, jalapeño butter and parmesan. Bursting with rich flavours and a delightful acidity that cut through the richness beautifully, each mouthful made me want more.


My partner’s choice of Lamb’s Liver (£9.95), served with with the crispiest smoked bacon, onions, and toast was equally impressive, combining hearty textures with savoury goodness.

The main event…

Our mains arrive and for me, it’s the Rainbow Trout (£21.95), highly recommended by our waitress. The trout, cooked to perfection, rested atop a refreshing heirloom tomato tart – an ideal choice for the pleasant spring evening.

Rainbow Trout

My dinner date enjoyed Fillets of Plaice (£26.95) with a delicious scallop and crayfish mousse, accompanied by herb-infused potatoes, bisque and cucumber, creating a harmonious blend of flavours and textures.

With smiles sweeping across both of our faces, it’s clear we’ve made the right choice.

When it comes to portion sizes, let’s just say generosity is a key player. The food is not only sensational in quality, but quantity too.

Fillets of Plaice

Perfect pairing…

With a range of mouthwatering sides eyeing us up, it’s impossible to resist adding the Tempus 2-day Chips to our order. These devouring potatoes are a real highlight and come highly recommended by our waitress.

What are Tempus 2-day Chips you might ask? As did we. Think mandolin sliced potato stored in stock over two days to soak up moisture, then it’s a simple fry and serve. The results? Simply epic.

A sweet finale…

After an oh-so indulgent meal so far, we couldn’t possibly skip dessert. But with bellies filled to the brim, a slight breather in between and one to share with two spoons was on the cards.

Apple cake

To end on a sweet note, it was the Apple Cake with Coconut Cream and Iced Granola. Light and airy, the cake was a perfect finale following the generous portions of our starters and mains. The granola adds a delightful crunch and the coconut cream provides a lovely, smooth contrast to the sharpness of the apple.

Sweet, delicious and a great end to an already perfect evening!

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