Review Homestead Kitchen

Review: Homestead Kitchen, Goathland

Take a trip over the moors and uncover a foodie’s paradise in the quiet village of Goathland. Homestead Kitchen is a destination to savour

Elysia Fryer

Editor at Luxe

I always feel a huge sense of escapism when driving over the North York Moors. The phone signal drops, tailback traffic and rows of houses turn to steady tractor convoys, cattle grids and cottages lapped up by farmland.

Daily stresses seem to slip away and life feels simple when it’s just you and nature. It is beautifully remote as you make your way towards Goathland, and it’s the perfect scene-setting exercise to prepare for a dining experience that celebrates the produce from the land you see around you.

That’s what Homestead Kitchen is all about. And without knowing, as we take in our environment from the car as the sun sets over the rolling moorland, we are preparing for the ultimate, North York Moors focused feast.

The restaurant is a converted farmhouse in the pretty moorland village of Goathland, less than 10 miles from Whitby. Inside, it’s decorated in a way that feels homely and inviting.

Review Homestead Kitchen

Lots of wood and earthy tones make up the decor, perfectly complementing the far-reaching views of the rolling hills. The land is in darkness as we sit down for dinner, but knowing what is beyond the glass is calming and comforting in itself.

Chef Peter Neville and his wife Cecily Fearnley are at the helm. They live on-site with their young children, and it is very much part of their family life. They are the beating heart of the business, and you feel that as soon as you walk through the door.

It’s like stepping into someone’s home, but then being presented with a menu unlike anything else in the area.

Homestead Kitchen and its Mission

Their family extends to the people and places that make Homestead tick. The ever-changing menu is a celebration of the local produce that makes the area so unique. Peter and Cecily have close connections with local folk from the village and beyond, who keep them in the know with any produce they have an abundance of.

It’s about collaborating, sharing ideas and championing the community. By working with the seasons and the people who grow and nurture the produce, the restaurant has become more of a passion project than a business plan. It’s about growing a community through a shared love of good food.

As we sit down to dinner and chat with Cecily, it’s inspiring to hear that the ingredients used to make up each dish all have their own story, that the team are delighted to share with diners.

Whether it’s goat’s cheese from a local farm that has recently been on TV for its unique goat yoga courses, breads made with organic flour milled on the moors, fresh fish from Whitby harbour, or vegetables from their very own kitchen garden, it’s refreshing to experience a restaurant that really embodies its sense of place.

On their website, Peter and Cecily state their mission:

“Over the coming years we hope to create a flourishing and vibrant space, growing our own family, growing on the land, and growing in the community.”

And that perfectly sums up what we see here at Homestead Kitchen. It’s about noticing and nurturing what defines the North York Moors – and serving that up on a plate to share with the world.

Review Homestead Kitchen: The Talking Points

After a warm welcome from Peter, Cecily and staff, we are seated by the window and left to browse the menu. There’s nothing robotic about the service here. Each person’s experience is unique and every question we have regarding the drinks and dishes sparks up a new conversation.

It’s one of those places where you’ll not only leave feeling full of food inspiration, but you’ll learn something too. Cecily listens to our preferences and recommends a white wine to kick things off.

Fresh bread, made from flour milled locally, is the perfect opener to dinner. To start, we opt for the Rosedale goat’s cheese croquette – served with celeriac and walnuts, pear chutney and three cornered leek.

The goat’s cheese has a short journey to the plate. Sourced from a local farm, it’s incredibly fresh and creamy.

My dinner date goes for the North Sea squid bolognaise with bottarga beach herbs. Now, this is a real talking point. Think ‘spag bol’ with squid – it sounds unusual, but boy it works.

For mains it’s the roasted veal loin for my friend – served on a truffled cauliflower puree with hispi cabbage, pearl barley and chanterelles. The knife effortlessly slides through the meat – perfectly tender and tasty.

With Whitby on the doorstep, the halibut is a no-brainer for me, served with Whitby crab mousse, confit potato, fennel and roasted bone sauce. A lean, flavour-packed fish. Delicious.

We sweeten the deal with a chocolate and praline slice and a rhubarb and pistachio frangipane tart. Next level dessert choices.

A Sprinkle of Uniqueness

With a regularly changing menu of seasonal produce, there’s always good reason to return to Homestead Kitchen. Not only will the food and flavours blow you away, there’s something incredibly special about the hospitality here. Honest, humble and it really does feel like home.

We can’t wait to bring our families back. And perhaps in the sunnier months, explore what’s on the doorstep some more. How lucky are we to have this part of the world at our fingertips?

*Photo credit: Ryan Hunter