2 Sisters Boutique

Inside the World of 2 Sisters Boutique

Northumberland-based 2 Sisters Boutique, run by Victoria and Adam, is dedicated to delivering a slice of luxury with each of their dreamy products

Caroline Dask

Journalist at Luxe

Luxury candles, sea glass jewellery, art, homewares, accessories and so much more – 2 Sisters Boutique is a little treasure of the North East offering customers products that are both handmade and regionally sourced.

Having only opened in April of last year, 2 Sisters Boutique is a small business taking its first steps into the world of accessories and homewares, and while the market is competitive, Victoria and Adam, partners in life and in business, have found a way to differentiate themselves from others.

It’s their dedication to creativity, their long strolls along the beach collecting sea glass, and their willingness to make time, despite both of them having other jobs, that make 2 Sisters Boutique stand out from the rest.

Passion, they’ve got plenty, and that is oh-so-evident during my conversation with Victoria, who, within the first few minutes of our talk, feels like a long-lost friend.

2 Sisters Boutique. What’s the significance behind this name? Is there a story attached to it?

I’m extremely close to my sister and she’s a huge part in my life, so I wanted to include her in this. She said she might be involved in the business, but she’s got a very busy life, so it’s mainly me and my husband. It was just important to me to highlight this family aspect in our business and make it hers as well, even though she is not necessarily involved.

As a family, we’re extremely close and my sister is such a role model to me. She’s two and a half years older. She’s amazing.

What inspired you to start your business?

The inspiration behind starting our business stemmed from our shared passion for creativity and craftsmanship. Initially, we began by creating various items for school fairs and such, but it wasn’t until last April that we delved into it seriously.

Our journey started with the idea of repurposing bottles and glassware into candles and drinking glasses. Our commitment to sustainability led us to use soy wax for our candles and to explore scent options thoughtfully. As the business evolved, we integrated other elements like trinket trays, jewellery sourced from various places, and most recently, sea glass collected locally.

Our aim has always been to make our products accessible to a wide audience without compromising on quality. We offer refill services for our candles and prioritise customer convenience with delivery options.

Despite juggling other responsibilities and busy family life, we’re constantly brainstorming new ideas and expanding our product range. The support and positive feedback we’ve received, especially through platforms like Instagram, have been incredibly motivating. We’re genuinely passionate about what we do and find joy in every aspect of running our business.

2 Sisters Boutique

Northumberland seems to play a significant role in your business. How does the region influence your creative process and the products you offer?

I love the North East because there are so many small boutiques here, and people are just so creative and willing to help and support each other. I do think that COVID-19 had a big spike in small businesses, it’s a good way to have a second income, isn’t it?

For us, we enjoy being a part of different markets, whether Tynemouth or Quayside and we enjoy the location and seeing other creative people out and about selling their crafts. It gives you encouragement as well, seeing others succeed.

The other thing is, that business people from the North East are not out to get each other, if anything, it’s the opposite. It’s such a lovely community and you really get a sense that wherever you turn, there’s always a friend.

Is there a best-selling product that you’ve noticed customers reach for the most?

Our best-selling product that customers tend to reach out for the most is our luxury candles. While they have a seasonal peak in popularity during autumn, they consistently sell well throughout the year. Additionally, our drinking glasses, trinket trays, and sea glass items have also gained significant traction among our customers.

At the moment, we only have our candles on Etsy, but are looking to expand that to add our sea glass range and other goodies.

Creating handmade items like jewellery and candles requires skill and passion. How did you master these skills?

We learned to make handmade items like jewellery and candles through a lot of trial and error. We watched tons of videos and just tried things out. Candle making, for example, isn’t as easy as it seems. You’ve got to get the mix just right, let them cure for days, and figure out the perfect amount of scent.

Adam’s really hands-on – he even cuts all the bottles himself. It’s been a similar process with jewellery, just experimenting until we got it right. Patience and passion have been key in mastering these skills.

Since opening, have there been any obstacles in the way, and if so, how have you approached them?

Since we started, the biggest challenge has been juggling our time, mostly because of our other jobs as well. For instance, during the Christmas rush, we had to start prepping three months early to make sure we had plenty of stock. This meant giving up some nights out to focus on the business.

Plus, because Adam hand-cuts and sands all the candles, it takes a bit longer to get orders ready. So, we’ve had to explain to customers that there might be a bit of a wait. Keeping everything organised has been key, especially with the Etsy madness during the holidays. It was hectic, but totally worth it in the end!

2 Sisters Boutique

How do you maintain that perfect work-life balance?

Balancing work and life is definitely a goal for us. Eventually, we’d love to make our business our full-time job and have a separate workshop and boutique space. We envision a place where other crafters could rent shelves from us, expanding our reach. Right now, time is our biggest constraint, but we’re passionate about what we do and see a lot of potential for growth.

It’s a challenge to find the right balance, especially since our business is our passion, but we’re committed to making it work! Especially, because we both understand the importance of having that work-life balance and being able to step away from it and spend some quality time together as a family.

What’s next for you and 2 Sisters Boutique? Are there any upcoming launches, events, or happenings on the horizon?

We have a lot in store for 2 Sisters Boutique! We’re gearing up for two upcoming music festivals in Blyth and Morpeth, as well as several wedding fairs. Our calendar is packed with markets booked until Christmas, and we’ve recently placed orders in some local boutiques. Excitingly, we’re exploring opportunities to stock our candles in restaurants too.

Looking ahead, our dream is to open a boutique shop where we can showcase our products and offer space for other crafters to sell their goods without the overhead costs. It’s a vision we’re passionate about and working towards, so keep your eyes peeled!