beach essentials

Essentials to Take to the Beach this Summer

A stress-free beach outing requires some thoughtful preparation. From comfy flip-flops to sun protection, this guide covers all must-haves

A beach day out is always something to get excited about. The golden sand glistens against the sun with flecks of pearlescent, soft waves dissolving on the shoreline, and a buzz in the air that tells you it’s time to unwind. But being prepared is essential to making the most of the day so it is stress-free, and that’s where a beach essentials list will help you to not forget anything. 

Sure there are a few luxuries we like to indulge in while soaking up the rays (and why not, right), but the fundamentals are a must and even more so if you’re heading to the shore with the kids. 

When it comes to footwear and your most practical choice, flip flops are a comfortable option that is not only quick and easy to slip into but with the quality of designs on the market, you don’t need to compromise on style. And they are perfect for kids who need fuss-free footwear that is colourful and fun, but still comfortable and supportive for their growing feet. 

beach essentials

Easy Summer Living

As you arrive at the beach and the kids are running to secure the perfect spot, you grab your genius-curated beach bag of goodies and necessities for the perfect day outside in the sun.

If you want to enjoy a beach day this summer that is effortless then these tips, tricks, and essentials will guide you on the right track.

The Luggage

Surely there is a beach bag that ticks all the boxes, and yes they do exist. Look for spacious, ideally waterproof, for easy wipe clean after a sandy day, and in a pop of colour, so you can spot it quickly if need be.


Shade is your best friend on a scorching summer day. If you are alone with the kids look for options that are a simple click-and-go option for easy installation so you aren’t struggling to put together bits and pieces with sandy fingers.

A light colour helps to reflect the sun and browse the holiday shops for handy accessories that clip to the umbrella pole like cup holders or battery fans if the breeze is non-existent. 

Towels / Blanket

Sitting on the sand is not fun, so grab a handful of beach towels picked out by the kids so they know which is theirs and will prevent any arguments during the day.

You on the other hand can treat yourself to a luxurious beach blanket for added comfort and style. They come in gorgeous muted Mediterranean designs, and tassels, which elevate your beach day to a level you deserve.

Sun Protection

It is always recommended to lather yourself and the kids with sunscreen at least 30 minutes before either heading to the beach or before they enter the water to ensure maximum protection from the sun.

A high UV protection ratio is a must, and top it off with a wide-brimmed hat while you sit gazing out.

beach essentials

Summer Dining

While it may not involve cutlery, let alone crockery, eating on the beach should maximise simplicity. A cooler box that can hold everything will keep things tidy, and the less baggage you have to carry, the better. You want something sturdy, which is why a box over a bag is recommended, so bottles and food items don’t get squashed or broken. 

Food items that are quick to grab make life a lot easier and are perfect for little hands. Think juice boxes, savoury biscuits, mini pastries, sausage rolls, and you can always buy an ice lolly or ice cream from the café along the walkway as a treat.

Pop in some iced tea for yourself and a bag of pretzel mix and relax in the silence of filled mouths and seagulls flying overheard hoping for a dropped morsel. 

Soak It Up

Taking the time to unwind and forget about the stress of work and life is a must, both physically and mentally. And a moment of fresh sea air and the outdoors with your loved ones are memories you’ll cherish forever.

So grab your comfortable flip-flops, and a good book, and pop everyone into the car this summer for a well-deserved beach break with our beach essentials in mind.