Ellie Leach Cluedo 2

Ellie Leach on her Role in Cluedo 2 at Theatre Royal

Based on the classic Hasbro board game, Cluedo 2 – The Next Chapter, with Ellie Leach as Miss Scarlett, is visiting Newcastle Theatre Royal from 28 May

Caroline Dask

Journalist at Luxe

Following the success of the original play, Cluedo 2, a brand-new comedy mystery production, is back on stage at Newcastle Theatre Royal from 28 May until 1 June.

If you missed the first production of this mystery show, you will be pleased to know that Cluedo 2 – The Next Chapter will have a brand new tale, new house, new suspects and a lot of new bodies!

This time, the story surrounds the ‘rock n roll’ legend Rick Black, who has not had a hit in years. As he settles into his brand new home, Rick is desperate to revive his fading career and is ready to do just about anything to get it back.

Featuring the infamous characters, including Colonel Eugene Mustard, The Honourable Mrs Emerald Peacock, ‘Professor’ Alex Plum, interior designer Miss Annabel Scarlett, ‘The Reverend’ Hal Green and the housekeeper Mrs White, this will be an entertaining ‘whodunit’ show.

Speaking on her role as Miss Scarlett is Ellie Leach, reigning champion of Strictly Come Dancing, known to millions of Coronation Street viewers as Faye Windass following her 13 years in Coronation Street.

Ellie Leach Cluedo 2

This is your first stage play. How were you preparing for this new challenge?

We’ve been on tour for a couple of months now, so I feel like I’m finally getting the swing of things. But it was very nerve-wracking at the start. I’m used to being active for TV but with Cluedo 2, it’s very different.

It’s a comedy/mystery show, which I have never done before. So, it’s a completely new experience for me but I’m really enjoying it so far and the cast that we have are all amazing and so experienced in theatre. I’ve been learning a lot from them.

Talking about your character – Miss Scarlett. How would you describe her?

I think everyone knows the board game so a lot of people are familiar with the characters. But I think with Miss Scarlett, she’s very charming. Of course, all the characters are, in their own unique ways, but they’re all not who they claim to be.

There are a lot of twists and turns with all the characters and the story and that’s what makes it really fun to be a part of this production. The audience can also get really involved as it is a murder mystery.

Ellie Leach Cluedo 2

Talking about the audience engagement in the show, how do you find performing in such an interactive environment?

It’s so much fun, we all love having the reaction of the audience. I think, if you’re looking for a fun night out with a theatre full of entertainment, then Cluedo 2 is definitely a place to be. It will leave you belly-laughing!

The play has a lot of jokes, but it also allows you to really immerse yourself in the story and I think that is what really makes it special and unique.

Do you find any personal similarities with Miss Scarlett? How do you bring parts of yourself into the character?

I don’t know if there are any similarities with Miss Scarlett. She is very charming, kind and sweet and I don’t know if these are the first words I would use to describe myself, but the good thing about being an actress is the fact that I can step into the shoes of a character and put on a show and be someone that’s completely different. It’s wonderful to explore that and be someone who might not necessarily have the same characteristics as you.

Ellie Leach Cluedo 2

What do you enjoy most about playing Miss Scarlett?

I enjoy playing the role because I think the show as a whole is great. The director, Mark Bell, is amazing and he really has put together a wonderful production. The writers and the whole production crew are all very talented and I really enjoy being surrounded by such an amazing group of people.

What do you hope the audience takes away from this performance?

I think when people go to the theatre, especially with murder mysteries, they expect to see something a bit more serious. But with Cluedo 2, we just want audiences to really enjoy themselves and come away from the show, just having had a fun night out. The play is lighthearted as much as it is a murder mystery, it also has a lot of brilliant outfits and wonderful music.

With that said, I really hope people enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoy performing for them.

Cluedo 2 with Ellie Leach is on at Newcastle Theatre Royal from 28 March until 1 June. Grab your tickets here.