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Car Review: Behind the Wheel of BMW iX2

Bob Arora gets behind the wheel to review the performance, design, and features of the latest electric BMW iX2

The X5 launched back in 1999 and was an instant sales success. BMW had created a new niche, and the SUV (sports utility vehicle) was launched to the world.

We now have the XM, X7, X6, X4, X3, X2 and the X1. Considering most manufacturers have a similar line-up, our love for SUVs doesn’t seem to be diminishing.

Lotus have recently launched their first electric SUV, as have Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentley. Given our love for these cars, it’s no wonder manufacturers are jumping on the SUV bandwagon.

If you’d like the new Ferrari Purosangue or the Rolls Royce Cullinan, you’ll be waiting for at least two or three years before you get one, if you are lucky.

car review BMW iX2

I’ve been driving the new BMW iX2, which BMW calls a SAV (sports activity vehicle). The outgoing X2 was one of my favourite cars in the BMW range. Not only was it a beautiful-looking car, but it was also great to drive.

The X2 is essentially the coupé version of the X1, which looks much more sporty with its sloping roofline and coupé silhouette. This is the first electric 2 Series available as a front-wheel drive version.

With one motor, the eDrive 20M achieves 201 horsepower. As a four-wheel drive car with two motors, the xDrive 30M gives the car around 300 horsepower. There’s also one petrol 2 Series available. That said, BMW expects 90% of sales to be electric cars.

Car Review BMW iX2 – Excellent Acceleration

The car’s battery pack is 66kw, which equates to 297 miles in the base model, or 265 miles, which any electric car owner knows isn’t what you’ll realistically get, especially in cold weather or when you need to use the air-con. I’d say, you should get close to 250 miles and nearer 210 in the range-topping car.

The xDrive 30M gets to 62mph in 5.6 seconds and its top speed is 112mph. Like all electric cars, the power is instant the second you put your foot down on the accelerator.

car review BMW iX2

The car’s regenerative braking is done automatically with no manual control, making it easy to drive without having to touch the brake pedal. The car has a boost button which gives you ten seconds of power. Using this button regularly will eat into your range, but it’s good fun!

The car looks slightly larger than the outgoing X2. In their wisdom, the designers have decided to ditch my favourite aspect of the X2 – BMW badges on the rear quarter panels.

One thing you can’t miss is the new large kidney grille at the front, which is part of the new design. This was first seen in the 7 Series and is certainly a distinctive feature.

BMW’s M division has gone to town with spoilers and aerodynamic tweaks all over the car. The 20” alloys look stunning and really add to the car’s sporty aesthetic. When you get inside the car, you are greeted with a lovely thick steering wheel – a real BMW trademark.

Car Review BMW iX2 – Sports Mode

You can’t miss the impressive screen, which is slightly curved and is split for the driver and the passenger. You also can’t help but notice the lack of buttons on the dash. The middle armrest now controls all of the drive modes (personal, sports and efficient), the gearbox, the handbrake and the stop-start button.

When driving the car in sports mode, the interior lighting turns red and the car’s throttle and braking are turned up a notch. Driving the car in efficient mode adds approximately 30 extra miles to the car’s range, which is ideal if you’ve been driving in sports mode and the range has dropped substantially.

The designers have ditched the Drive, which was so easy to use. Everything is now controlled via the media screen. I particularly liked the phone charging point.

I thought I’d spotted a design flaw as my phone moved around once I started driving. However, I shouldn’t have worried, as there was an adjustable bracket to keep the phone in place.

Car Review BMW iX2 – Concluding Thoughts

There’s more than enough storage space for any knick-knacks you may have, along with plenty of USB ports for any iPads etc. The panoramic roof, head-up display screen, Harman Kardon speakers and Alcantara fabric on the dash and doors all help give the car a real quality feel.

Getting in the rear of the car, you’ll notice just how sloped it is for headroom. It’s still a comfortable place for me to sit, however, if you are over 6ft tall then that might not be the case!

There’s ample room in the boot for most family bags, and there is a section under the boot floor to store any charging cables which frees up some much needed space.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this car. Anyone looking to join the electric revolution should look no further, as this car ticks all the boxes.

Car supplied by Vertu BMW Boldon.