Baltic to Launch Community-led Climate Club

Baltic is launching a new Climate Club to support local communities in the region to deliver environmental and social change

Baltic Climate Club will meet monthly, starting on 2 June, and members will take part in a range of events and activities exploring the natural world, the environment, and how to inspire climate action. 

The group will learn new skills in horticulture, foraging, natural science and more to support them in leading community responses to climate change in the North East.

Hayley Duff, Head of Visitor Experience at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, said:

“The Climate Club is for anyone with an interest in nature, climate change, and the world around us. It’s an opportunity to gather with like-minded people and explore what action we can take in our local communities to help nature and wildlife thrive and reverse the impact of climate change.

“It will be the members themselves that decide what direction the club will take. A monthly activity programme delivered in partnership with Newcastle University, environmental charities, and local community groups will give people the skills and knowledge they need to help lead our region’s response to the global climate emergency.”

Monthly events and activities will include foraging, gardening and horticulture, nature talks and tours, and literary sessions. Academics from Newcastle University will lead lectures and presentations on caring for the climate. Parenting support charity North East Young Dads & Lads (NEYDL) will educate the group on the importance of pollinators; highlighting Baltic’s own rooftop beehives.

The group will also document their work through Baltic’s Nature & Nurture website. This allows members of the public to upload and share their creative responses to the natural world through multimedia. The website also uses images and videos from Baltic’s archive of over 20 years of exhibitions. All to help map society’s relationship with nature through art and creativity.

Baltic Climate Club

Baltic Climate Club & Birds, Bees, Bikes & Trees

Baltic’s Climate Club is in partnership with North East Young Dads & Lads (NEYDL) and Newcastle University. It’s funded by the National Lottery’s Community Fund to help young dads build skills and boost confidence. As well as promote community-nature connection for climate action.

The launch of Baltic’s Climate Club is on Sunday, June 2, from 11 am to 4 pm. Visitors can join drop-in activities to learn about Birds, Bees, Bikes & Trees initiatives evolving over three years.

Visitors can build a beehive and taste honey at Baltic’s Front Room. Local climate experts will discuss climate change in Gateshead and the North East. A Kittiwake tour will explore the bird colony’s history on Newcastle Gateshead Quayside since the 1960s.

Outside of Baltic’s main building, visitors will be able to plant bee-friendly seeds with a gardener. There will also be bikes on Baltic Square where North East Young Dads & Lads will offer cycling advice.

Hayley continued:

“For anyone interested in playing more of an active role in the region’s climate response, the Climate Club is a great way to be a part of change. On Sunday 2 June, we’ll be giving people a flavour of what it’s all about.”

“Baltic is passionate about climate action, and we want to empower people to make change where they live. Through the Climate Club, communities across our region can help protect our thriving natural world, raise awareness of climate change, and educate and inspire others to take action too.”

The launch event for Baltic’s new Climate Club and Birds, Bees, Bikes & Trees takes place between 11 am-4 pm on Sunday 2 June 2024. Birds, Bees, Bikes & Trees is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund. Nature and Nurture is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.