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Sustainable Products you Need for Earth Day 2024

Earth Day is an annual celebration of our environment, taking place on 22 April. This year, we’re encouraging you to celebrate it by incorporating some sustainable products into your daily routine…

With Earth Day fast approaching, it’s important we take time to live more sustainably not only on 22 April but all year around. While the annual event has been around since 1970, this year’s theme aims to raise awareness of the harms of plastic pollution.

193 countries worldwide will unite together on 22 April to celebrate Earth Day and to do their part in helping to keep our planet as plastic-free as possible. With unity and power in numbers, it’s crucial that we incorporate some sustainable products into our day-to-day lives.

Even if it’s something as small as metal straws or biodegradable kitchen products, every little bit helps. So, shopping lists at the ready… here’s how you can celebrate this Earth Day with our pick of sustainable products we’re loving at Luxe HQ.

This stainless steel straw set includes six different-width straight staws, four curved ones and two cleaning brush sets. The set also comes in a handy carry bag, which means, whether you’re at work, running errands or just out and about, you’re always straw-ready!


sustainable products

This ecological and health-conscious water bottle not only looks good but delivers on its promise to keep our Earth plastic-free. With its stainless steel/bamboo design, sizes from 350ml up to 1000ml and a variety of different colours, you are bound to find a bottle that will suit your style.


sustainable products

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this tote bag is an essential addition to your daily life. Its versatile, durable and water-resistant design is ideal for your summer travel plans, office days and shopping trips. Best of all is that 1% of their sales go towards tackling the Earth’s most pressing environmental issues. Save the planet, and look your best while doing it!


Sustainable products

Forget single-use paper cups and metallic hydroflasks thanks to this ceramic travel mug. Completely handmade and featuring creative graphics, this travel mug is a step towards sustainability. NOVA CERAMICS mugs are also microwave and dishwasher-safe, which only means one thing – effortless maintenance!


sustainable products

Classic bamboo brushes are a thing of the past, say hello to SURI Sustainable Electric Sonic Toothbrush made out of recyclable plant-based material! This toothbrush is a great alternative to the one you might have at home, as this one delivers maximum results with minimum impact on the planet. Think 40 days of battery life, 33,000 sonic vibrations and a quiet motor.


Leaf Shave Razor sustainable products

Leaf Shave is quite a big name in the sustainable product market. Their razors are a favourite among many with sleek design, three sharp blades offering an ultra-close shave and plastic-free as well as eco-friendly materials. The product is suitable for all skin types (yes, even those with very sensitive skin!) and it’s cruelty-free. Win-win, if you ask us.


sustainable products

Say goodbye to plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles and hello to bars. They’re completely plastic-free, waterless and full of clean and non-toxic ingredients. One shampoo and conditioner bar equals five plastic bottles, ensuring you can enjoy this product for months on end.


AKT Deodorant Balm

A winner of awards such as ‘Best Sustainable Deodorant’ and ‘Best Plastic Free Product of 2023’ this one is a must-have. AKT’s deodorant balm has been tested by professional dancers and athletes and it certainly does not disappoint. It’s vegan, fast-absorbing, completely recyclable and lasts up to three months. Who could say no to that?


sustainable products

This five-piece olive wood kitchen utensil set is hand-carved by highly experienced craftsmen and will make a beautiful addition to any kitchen. With sustainability at its forefront, CRAFLAIR carves their products from olive trees that no longer produce olives.


This high-quality and eco-friendly stainless steel food storage container will become you’re go-to for storing quick lunches for work or meal prepping. Its zero-plastic, durable material will serve you for years to come and its construction locks in freshness. It’s also microwave, oven and dishwasher safe!


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