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Review: Bottomless Dining at Banyan Newcastle

Banyan is a regular venue I pass by on my daily commute to work, however this time, we’re stopping by for a late Friday dinner…

Caroline Dask

Journalist at Luxe

Ending the week with a quick visit to Newcastle city centre is always something to look forward to. And with plans to visit Banyan set already on a Monday morning, the rest of the week seems to fly by.

A quick hop in the car, a 10-minute drive to the city centre and we’re there. With the first shy rays of sunshine peaking through the breezy spring clouds, I can see the locals taking advantage of the warmer weather as they’re soaking in the sun on the summer terrace of Banyan.

Stepping inside, Banyan is full of friendly faces and chatter all around. The atmosphere is extremely warm and inviting and as we’re escorted to the table, I know we’re in for a delightful evening.

review banyan

Review Banyan – First Impressions

As my dinner guest and I take our seats, the kind demeanour of Banyan’s staff does not go unnoticed. The friendly waiter welcomes us in with a glass of Prosecco and it’s finally time to relax, unwind and enjoy the evening.

Located in the heart of the city, Banyan seems to be the common meeting ground for those, who have just finished a busy working week, those, who are celebrating a special occasion and those, who are just catching up with a friend or two.

Review Banyan – Bottomless Drinks

Having just introduced the ‘Build Your Own Bottomless’ experience, Banyan boasts a delicious mix and match food and free-flowing drink options and with their extended dining time to a generous two hours, we’re one of the first ones to try out their new bottomless menu.

With options for Bottomless Brunch (£36.95, available until 3 pm) and Bottomless Dining, (£39.95, available after 3 pm), Banyan has specifically created menus suitable for the first and second half of the day. However, before we explore their Bottomless Dining menu, drinks first!

While all of their drink options sound delicious to me, I opt for the familiar name of Aperol Spritz, reminding me of even warmer summer days ahead. Once it arrives, it certainly does not disappoint, the taste is as refreshing as ever with a hint of juicy orange to complement it.

Review Banyan – Bottomless Dining

A few sips in and we’re now looking over the menu. With options such as Firecracker Chicken Salad, Roast Cauliflower Malayan Curry and Bang Bang Chicken Fried Rice among others, it’s Chicken Spirelli for me, with pasta spirals, chicken breast, julienne vegetables and broccoli, coated in parmesan cream with a lovely touch of garlic, basil and pine nuts.

My dinner date opts for the Korean Fried Chicken Burger with crispy coated chicken with Gochujang glaze, pickled carrot, red cabbage, sriracha mayo, tomato and gem lettuce. Eagerly waiting for our mains to arrive, we’re sipping on our drinks and discussing the busy week that just passed us by.

The service at Banyan is nothing short of perfection, as our meals arrive in what seems like minutes and we’re ready to dig in.

My Chicken Spirelli looks just as good as it tastes, a pasta dish that you can never go wrong with, it carries a unique taste to it and my guess is, it’s the pine nuts that elevate this meal to new heights. A delicious and flavourful meal, it’s exactly what I need on this Friday afternoon.

Eyeing the meal option of my dinner date, I would be lying if I said it doesn’t look extremely appetising. Banyan’s burgers are all served in a toasty brioche bun with crispy house fries and with his meal devoured in seconds, I can tell it has gone down a treat.

Not Just a Meal

Banyan certainly doesn’t go small on their portion sizes and as delicious as my meal is, I simply am not able to finish it all. However, every bite tastes heavenly and I know I will be dreaming of it for the rest of my weekend.

With our bellies full, there is simply no room for dessert. We sit and chat for the rest of the evening enjoying refreshing sips from their cocktail menu as the sun sets in the heart of the city.

An evening at Banyan is simply more than just a dining experience, it’s the perfect place to kickstart your weekend and enjoy the company of your loved ones, pairing that with scrumptious food and free-flowing summery drinks.

Before we know it, it’s 9 pm and as we say our goodbyes to Banyan, I just know we will be back for another evening of tasty food, positive energy and laughter.