wellbeing matfen Hall

Learn the Secrets to Wellbeing at Matfen Hall

A leading anti-ageing scientist will be sharing secrets on wellbeing and how to slow down the ageing process at Matfen Hall later this month

On Monday, 29 April, Dr. Nichola Conlon will be at Matfen Hall in Northumberland. She’ll be participating in the evening event. Guests will have the chance to learn how to nurture the mind and body. This aims to help them lead healthier, happier, and more balanced lives.

In partnership with Newcastle-based health and fitness coach LYB Longevity, the evening starts at 6 pm with a pilates class. Tailored for wellness and longevity, this class suits all abilities. Guests can reset their minds and bodies during the session.

wellbeing matfen Hall

At 7pm, Dr. Conlon, a leading molecular biologist, will deliver a talk on cutting-edge scientific research. She will explore methods to slow down the ageing process from within.

Dr. Conlon, founder of Nuchido Laboratories, specialises in studying cellular ageing. She will share the latest scientific developments. Guests will learn how to age well and optimize their life experience.

Following the event, guests will enjoy a nutritious two-course dinner focused on wellness and longevity, aiming to ensure they depart feeling fresh, healthy, and inspired.

Tickets to this wellbeing session at Matfen Hall are £125 per person and are available by calling Matfen Hall on 01661 886 500 or by email: info@matfenhall.com. For more information, please visit here.