Victors Mardi Gras

First Look at Victors AFTER dark: Mardi Gras

Saturday night is for Victors’ new AFTER dark series. Here’s what we thought of this fabulous Mardi Gras-inspired evening…

Caroline Dask

Journalist at Luxe

With spring joy in the air and surprisingly pleasant weather, there’s no better setting than this to introduce something new coming to the Quayside.

Victors, a trendy restaurant in the heart of Newcastle, is launching a premium event series, AFTER dark, bringing a whole new side to this fabulous venue.

Glancing through the invitation, I notice words such as ‘music’, ‘New Orleans’, and ‘Mardi Gras’, which catch my eye and intrigue me to find out more.

First Impressions

My friend and I are in good spirits as we’re hopping in a taxi, on our way to Victors‘ AFTER dark event. On the ride over I’m trying to introduce this new event to my friend but words seem to fail me. I reassure her we’re in for a fabulous night and decide it’s best we experience tonight’s theme first-hand.

Once there, it’s impossible not to notice the magical glow surrounding the Quayside. Even before stepping through the doors of Victors, I can sense the positive energy surrounding us. We exchange pleasentries with the staff who then kindly walk us into the venue and this is where our night truly starts.

Victors AFTER dark: Mardi Gras

Inside, looking around, I am immediately struck by the attention to detail – from the breathtaking and undeniably beautiful flowery décor to subtle hints of tonight’s New Orleans spirit.

Before I have the time to truly appreciate everything that’s around me, I am handed a frozen margarita by a friendly staff member and look around for my friend to give her a look saying: ‘I told you this would be good!’.

We clink our glasses of frozen goodness and our host swiftly escorts us to our table.

Victors AFER dark: Mardi Gras: the Food

Once seated, I have another chance to appreciate the surroundings. Every corner of the room is full of Mardi Gras spirit, transporting me to a world where every day is a celebration of life. People wearing masks and DJs playing on-theme upbeat music, each track telling a story of this New Orleans carnival.

Looking over the menu, we opt for Sourdough Bread (£6.75) with three butter flight: salted, honey truffle and wild garlic for a starter and once it arrives, it’s a warm and comforting start to our night.

Somewhere in between the starters and the mains, the dazzling high-energy performers make an appearance and all eyes are on them. Moving swiftly across tables they successfully spread the message of Mardi Grass festivities and before we know it, everyone is clapping and getting lost in the rhythms of New Orleans.

A few seconds after the performance is over, our mains arrive. It’s Shrimp Tempura Rolls (£11) with cucumber, parmesan, watercress and pickled onion for me and Italian Sausage pizza (£12) for my dinner date.

After the impressive theatrical performances, we dig in. And just like the rest of evening, the food certainly does not disappoint. My sushi is bursting with an abundance of flavours, all complementing each other perfectly. Across the table, a smile on my friends face suggest her dinner choice for the night was indeed the right one.

A Successful Launch

Two hours at Victors AFTER dark feels like two seconds, the fast paced environment and the vibrant entertainment seems so be endless. While the evening moves fast, it’s full of delightful experiences, delicious food and unforgettable music.

The Victors AFTER dark series will certainly set the mood for the fast-approaching summer, as every event will present a new theme. As for now, we say goodbye to the charming Victors Mardi Gras and await for what’s to come next…