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Danu Studios Nomination Spotlights Excellence in Skincare

Danu Studios has recently been nominated for ‘Skin Specialist of the Year 2024’ and ‘Best Team of the Year’ awards

Danu Studios is happy to announce its recent recognition as a finalist for two prestigious industry awards. In that way, solidifying its position as a leader in the beauty sector. The nominations reflect the continued excellence and growing reputation of this beauty studio in the UK.

Led by owner Lucy Adair, a beauty industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, and studio manager Kerri Stephenson, a skilled manager with an impressive background in leading businesses, the studio has become synonymous with quality and innovation.

Located in Hoults Yard, Newcastle, it’s a boutique skincare clinic famous for its bespoke and tailored facials and personalised skincare regimes. Under the guidance of Lucy and Kerri, it has experienced remarkable growth and success.

By prioritising hiring fully qualified staff, investing in state-of-the-art equipment, and consistently delivering an exceptional client experience, Danu Studios has positioned itself as one of the top salons in the region. It has been recognised through multiple award nominations as a testament to their commitment to continuous improvement.

Lucy Adair

The first nomination is for the esteemed ‘Skin Specialist of the Year 2024’ award from the British Hair and Beauty Awards. Danu Studios previously won this prestigious title in 2023, demonstrating its expertise and proficiency in providing top-notch skin treatments.

Clients consistently witness remarkable results from the customised programs designed by skilled therapists. Kerri’s expert management has undoubtedly contributed to this continued success.

Danu Studios – Two Prestigious Nominations

The Official UK Hair and Beauty Awards have selected Danu Studios as a finalist for ‘Best Team of the Year’. This nomination acknowledges the exceptional efforts of the entire team in delivering a world-class client experience.

Under the thoughtful leadership of Kerri and fuelled by Lucy’s unwavering passion, the team operates seamlessly to exceed client expectations.

In addition to these remarkable nominations, Danu Studios eagerly anticipates the results for the ‘Salon of the Year’ category. With previous award wins showcasing their excellence, this nomination further emphasises the exceptional standards achieved at Danu Studios.

These nominations stand as a testament to the ongoing dedication, innovation, and unwavering pursuit of quality. All demonstrated by Lucy, Kerri, and the entire team. With a proven track record of success, the beauty studio will undoubtedly continue to shine on award platforms and bring home accolades for years to come.