Coffee shops in newcastle

The Best Coffee Shops in Newcastle

Coffee lovers, assemble! We’re shining a light on some of the best coffee shops in Newcastle, for when you’re in need of a caffeine fix

Strolling through vibrant Newcastle one can’t help but be drawn into the aromatic embrace of its thriving coffee culture. From quaint corners to bustling high streets, Newcastle’s coffee scene offers plenty of flavours and atmospheres to suit every palate and mood.

So, if you’re dreaming of your next cuppa, here are a few places across Newcastle that will greet you with a friendly atmosphere, great coffee and dreamy views…

Claremont Teahouse

Claremont Teahouse

Based on the ground floor of the 19 century, grade 2 listed Claremont Buildings, this coffee shop is a staple piece of Newcastle’s architecture. The teahouse opened its doors in 2023 after a full refurbishment which breathed new life into the interior, bringing it up to date with a more contemporary look.

With an in-house food menu, and plenty of coffee options, the teahouse also prides itself on its extensive range of loose teas with nothing coming from a bag. It even has its own ‘micro-cinema’ in the works, which we could see open later this year.

Laneway and CO

Laneway and CO’s straightforward hot drinks menu features carefully handpicked high-quality coffee from UK roasters. It also offers divine vegan snacks and a brunch-style menu.

Its minimalist, futuristic white design eliminates any potential distractions when working on an important project. It’s spacious too, as last summer the coffee shop has been expanded, meaning there will be plenty of space to sit in and enjoy your cuppa.

Pink Lane Coffee

Best coffee shops in newcastle

Pink Lane is located near the busy Central Station but rest assured is it tucked up in a nearby alleyway so you can avoid all the hustle and bustle. This coffee spot has a few comfy couches, perfect for a moment of calm and relaxation.

In addition to that, if you’re looking for a change of scenery to complete some of your work tasks, Pink Lane Coffee will be the answer. There’s a small seating area with wooden tables and chairs, making this a great productive setting.

Pink Lane prides itself on roasting its own sustainably sourced beans and a menu with sumptuous sandwiches, pastries and more.

Tiny Tiny

Previously known as Flat Caps, the coffee shop launched a successful rebrand last year and doubled its floorspace, not so Tiny Tiny anymore!

The inside is held up by great steel industrial-style supporting beams and cream-coloured walls. This is met with an array of plants, some perched on windowsills, others hanging from the ceiling.

Intricately placed ceiling lamps that hang around the room create a warm atmosphere and their menu offers breakfasts, pastries, cakes as well as hot drinks.

And, if you want to enjoy a splash of vitamin D there is a spacious outdoor wooden decked seating area.

Olive and Bean

Coffee shops in newcastle

A familiar name in the Newcastle coffee shops scene, Olive and Bean is a must-visit on our list. It’s an elegant little spot to indulge in a delicious sweet treat and sip on their perfectly brewed coffee.

Their cakes, sandwiches and coffees taste just as good as they look, with plenty of season-inspired options, definitely worthy a feature on your Instagram. Grab your friends and your loved ones, Olive and Bean will not disappoint!

North Shore Coffee at Grainger Market

What initially started out as a mobile venture, has now grown into a permanent setting, located at the Grainger Market.

North Shore Coffee differs from most others on this list with its fast-paced grab-and-go style, quickly delivering orders to customers passing by. The unit consists of a counter and a couple of stools nearby.

While you are there, there is plenty to explore within the market itself, including cheese shops and exotic street food options.

Olive Coffee Co

Rest assured, Olive Coffee Co is a place where every sip unveils quality and passion, meticulously brewed to take your coffee experience to new heights. Located on the Quayside, it’s the perfect place to sip and people-watch.

The ambience at Olive Coffee Co. is as inviting as its brews, inviting you to unwind, connect, and savour the moment. Whether you’re seeking a quiet respite or lively conversation, their cosy atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for your coffee journey.

Caffe Ginevra at Pilgrim Street

best coffee shops in newcastle

Neatly tucked away in a Grade 2 listed tunnel, the premises are quite small but don’t let that stop you from visiting!

Caffe Ginevra features a kiosk containing specialised locally made Italian-style ‘gelato’ ice cream. They also offer mouthwatering made-to-order pastries including cannoli. Top that off with sumptuous Sicilian-inspired coffee, and it’s a recipe for a great day.

The Canny Goat

This charming little gem is a true paradise for coffee lovers. Located on Monk Street The Canny Goat is a must-visit for anyone craving a cuppa and a cake (their cakes and little bites are local and worth a try, if you ask us!)

Pop in and say hi to their friendly staff and indulge in some delicious foodie offerings. Have we mentioned their menu includes vegan options too? Count us in.

The Hooch

Conveniently located in one of Newcastle’s most beautiful buildings with an even more beautiful Quayside view, The Hooch is a one of the best coffee shops in Newcastle with an extensive list of aromatic coffees and local bites.

For those, who are having romantic strolls across the Quayside in the evening, The Hooch also offers delicious wines, and signature cocktails in the most relaxing atmosphere. Sit down, listen to some quality jazz music and unwind.

Quay Ingredients

Quay Ingredients is where quality meets innovation. Located under the Tyne Bridge it’s the ideal spot for a quick morning bite and a coffee on the side.

Serving mouth-watering bagels, banana French toasts, pancakes and more, it’s a foodie paradise. Wash it off with a delicious cup of coffee and you’re ready for the day.

And if the sun is out, take a seat outside in their little patio area.