São Paulo Dance Company Review
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Review: São Paulo Dance Company at Theatre Royal

Tuesday night calls for a taste of the exhilarating São Paulo Dance Company bringing Brazilian heat and energy to Theatre Royal…

Caroline Dask

Journalist at Luxe

As someone who spent the early years of my childhood and teenage years dancing, I can truly appreciate the talent it takes to make it onto the big stage.

Having heard much about their innovative choreography and electrifying performances, I’m eager to witness São Paulo Dance Company’s artistry firsthand. As soon as the curtain opens, I find myself on a journey of mesmerising movements and soul-stirring rhythms.

About São Paulo Dance Company

São Paulo Dance Company is a Brazilian dance troupe mixing the elegance of classical ballet with sensual Latin dance. Their contemporary dance is renowned for its innovative choreography, technical prowess and artistic depth.

Founded in 2008 by renowned Brazilian dancer and choreographer Inês Bogéa, the company quickly rose to prominence both nationally and internationally, captivating audiences with its dynamic performances and groundbreaking repertoire.

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, the company draws inspiration from the region’s rich cultural heritage while embracing modern influences and global perspectives.

Their performances are full of emotion, passion and glimpses of traditional Brazilian movements. All of which are integral parts of the Brazilian culture. Now, Newcastle audiences, including myself, have a chance to discover all of this live at Theatre Royal…

São Paulo Dance Company Review: Anthem by Goyo Montero

São Paulo Dance Company Review

The first part of the triple bill was created by Goyo Montero. Anthem carries a compelling narrative, blending fluidity and strength with moments of explosive energy and poignant stillness.

The dance reflects on life cycles and collective identities, inspired by songs that become anthems for everyone. The effortless movement is very impressive. As the dancers move with precision and passion, their bodies seem lightweight creating a breathtaking display of expression.

São Paulo Dance Company Review: Gnawa by Nacho Duato


In ‘Gnawa’, Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato takes audiences on a mesmerising journey. One that is infused with the vibrant colours and rich flavours of the Mediterranean, seamlessly intertwined with the hypnotic, ritualistic music of North Africa.

The essence of ‘Gnawa’ envelops the audience. It tells the story of the mystical Islamic fellowship of the Gnawa people, brought to North America by the Berber as slaves.

The rhythm, with a higher pace tempo than in the first performance, serves as the heartbeat of the performance. The movements flow like waves against the shore, reflecting the flow of life itself.

São Paulo Dance Company Review: Agora by Cassi Abranches’


In the exhilarating finale of the performance, Brazilian choreographer Cassi Abranches brings ‘Agora’. It’s a captivating exploration of time, rhythm, and the pulsating energy of Afro-Brazilian fusion.

Here, the dancers become conduits of expression. Their movements are synchronised with the infectious beats and bass grooves reverberating throughout the theatre. This synchronisation is very much present within the first and last minutes of the performance, tying the beginning and ending beautifully together.

Who Is São Paulo Dance Company For?

For those who appreciate the art of dance in all its forms, the São Paulo Dance Company presents an unparalleled opportunity to witness world-class choreography and exceptional performances.

Culture vultures and music enthusiasts will also find the performance exceptionally appealing. It explores Latin culture through the lens of dance. With influences ranging from classical ballet to Afro-Brazilian rhythms, São Paulo Dance Company offers an opportunity for cultural expression. One, that is both immersive and enlightening.

São Paulo Dance Company is on at Newcastle Theatre Royal tonight (6 March). Tickets are available here or from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 0191 232 7010.