Bluey's Big Play Review
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Review: Bluey’s Big Play at Theatre Royal

Buckle up, as Luxe heads to Theatre Royal on a rainy Sunday afternoon to see Bluey’s Big Play…

For those, whose households are graced by the presence of children, Bluey is a very familiar name. The Australian children’s animated television series follows the adventures of a lovable and energetic Bluey, who lives with her parents Bandit and Chilli, and her younger sister, Bingo, in the suburbs of Brisbane.

Recently, Bluey has taken the North East by storm with its live show at Theatre Royal, captivating audiences with its charming characters, relatable storylines, and positive messages about creativity, friendship, and resilience.

The show has resonated with audiences worldwide and has received critical acclaim for its clever writing, humour and animation style. Parents appreciate Bluey for its realistic portrayal of family life, valuable lessons, and we’re no exception to this appreciation.

With Bluey being the ‘it’ show amongst children, it’s safe to say, that there was no missing its brand-new theatrical adaptation at Theatre Royal.

Bluey's Big Play Review

First Impressions

Theatre Royal proves to be a warm escape from the rainy Sunday weather, and even before stepping foot inside the theatre, it’s evident that North East families are a part of the Bluey fanbase.

The theatre is buzzing with anticipation and excitement, as the little ones prepare to see their beloved characters live on stage. Families bustling about, children clutching their Bluey plush toys and we, parents, exchanging polite nods and smiles, knowing we’re in for quality family time.

Bluey’s Big Play – The Storyline

As we find our seats, the stage becomes an adorable spectacle, full of colour and charm. From the moment the lights dim and the familiar theme song fills the air, children extend a warm welcome to the playful world of Bluey and her family.

With the original story by Bluey creator Joe Brumm, and new music by Bluey composer, Joff Bush, us adults are on the edge of our seats just as much as the children. The story revolves around Dad craving some Sunday afternoon downtime. However, Bluey and Bingo have other plans…

Highly entertaining and extremely relatable Bluey’s Big Play brings a smile to everyone’s faces. As we watch Bluey and Bingo pull out all the games and cleverness to get Dad away from his phone, the scene is very familiar. It reminds us of a similar scenario that we’re certain has occurred in most of the households among the audience.

With colourful chattermaxes and Bluey’s grannies Rita and Janet, the show brims with infectious energy and enthusiasm.

Bluey's Big Play Review

Bluey’s Big Play – What’s Good About It?

Beyond the entertainment value, Bluey’s Big Play also delivers important messages. The focus on being about kindness and the importance of spending quality time together. Through its engaging storytelling, the production reminds us of the simple joys of childhood.

Bluey’s Big Play is more than just a show. It’s an opportunity to embody the show’s message and spend time together as a family. All while bonding over the beloved characters, imaginative storytelling, engaging performances and universal themes.

As the final curtain falls, there is a sense of joy and nostalgia in the air. We say goodbye to Theatre Royal with smiles on our faces and hearts full of warmth. Bluey’s Big Play not only entertained but also created cherished memories for years to come.

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