My Delhi Curry Club

My Delhi Sunderland Launches Bottomless Curry Club

My Delhi, a multi-award-winning Indian street food restaurant, is launching Bottomless Curry Club on 17 March

My Delhi Curry Club will start on 17 March and will take place every Sunday, from 1 pm to 10 pm, with the last sitting at 8:30 pm.

Since opening its doors in June 2022, My Delhi Sunderland has become a popular dining destination for locals and visitors alike. The Bottomless Curry Club will elevate the experience to new heights, creating a buzz of excitement on social media and sparking an influx of reservations since its announcement.

Diners will embark on a 90-minute journey of non-stop curry indulgence, immersing themselves in the rich and diverse flavours of authentic Indian cuisine. Upon arrival, each table will get My Delhi’s signature Papadam Basket, accompanied by delectable in-house-made dips.

My Delhi Curry Club

My Delhi Curry Club – Plenty of Choices!

The Bottomless Curry Club menu offers a tantalising array of choices, allowing diners to kick off with one street plate and two roadside curries, complemented by a serving of rice and a mini naan.

To share, diners can also enjoy the delightful combination of Chacha Chips and Kachumber Salad. The experience is designed to encourage exploration and experimentation, providing a unique opportunity to try a variety of dishes from the restaurant’s acclaimed menu.

Street plate options include the light and fluffy Onion Bhaji and the succulent Delhi Chicken Tikka. Meanwhile, the Roadside Curry selections feature crowd favourites such as the Butter Chicken 1950s, a spicy option in Kozi Curry, the indulgent Dilli Paneer Butter Masala, and the vegan favourite Grandma’s Aloo Matar.

What sets My Delhi apart is its distinction from traditional curry houses – an authentic Indian street food restaurant with chefs hailing from Delhi. This unique touch is noticable in the carefully curated menu, offering a range of street plates and Roadside Curries.

Bottomless Brunch Menu

My Delhi also invites diners to explore its highly popular Bottomless Brunch menu, available at all its locations on Fridays and Saturdays. This brunch experience includes endless cocktails, mocktails, and beers, adding an extra layer of festivity to the dining experience.

“We are happy to introduce the Bottomless Curry Club to our patrons in Sunderland,” says Chef Gaurav, Executive Chef.

“It’s an immersive experience that allows diners to enjoy a diverse range of flavours in a relaxed and social setting. The response from our community has been overwhelming, with reservations pouring in since the announcement. We encourage everyone to book their spot early to secure a place at this culinary celebration.”

The Bottomless Curry Club at My Delhi Sunderland promises an unforgettable dining experience, where patrons can savour the essence of Indian street food culture. To secure a table, book on My Delhi’s website.