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5 Gardening Books for Spring

Husband and wife duo and garden experts, Tom and Fiona Feltham, give us five of their favourite gardening books

Here are a few gardening books perfect for green-fingered bookworms or those looking to get into gardening this spring…

RHS Resilient Garden: Sustainable Gardening for a Changing Climate By Tom Massey

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This book is an incredibly handy guide for people who are keen to create a sustainable garden. Inside, you’ll find loads of practical advice on gardening in a changing climate including plant recommendations.

Backed up with the latest RHS research, this book shows you how to work with the environment and ensure your space has what it needs to flourish, while also giving wildlife a helping hand.

Natural Selection: A Year in the Garden By Dan Pearson

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A month-by-month account of gardening from one of the world’s leading garden designers. Dan Pearson draws on 10 years of exploring the rhythms and pleasures of a full year in the garden.

A garden-lovers book, teeming with tips to inspire your own space – be it a balcony, yard or several acres.

The Well Gardened Mind: Rediscovering Nature in the Modern World By Sue Stuart-Smith

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An interesting look at the link between gardens and our mental health. This Sunday Times Best Book of 2020 guides us through the ways in which gardening can relieve stress and help us look after our mind and body.

These pages are packed with stories of how people struggling with stress, depression, trauma and addiction can use gardening to change their lives forever.

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants By Robin Wall Kimmerer

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A fascinating discussion of our relationship with nature, the gifts it gives us and what we can do in return. Botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer asks questions of nature with the tools of science – embracing the notion that plants and animals are our oldest teachers.

Drawing on her life as an indigenous scientist and a mother, she shows how other living beings offer us gifts and lessons. Even if we’ve forgotten how to hear their voices.

The Garden Jungle – or Gardening to Save the Planet By Dave Goulson

One of the best authors for relating how we interact with plants, gardens and nature to address the biodiversity crisis. A book born out of a dedication to save humanity from its own destruction.

Learn all about the wildlife that lives right under our noses, in our gardens and parks. Dave Goulson gives an insight into the fascinating lives of these creatures.