Peloton Wellness Suite INNSiDE

Review: Peloton Wellness Suite at INNSiDE by Meliá Newcastle

It’s a sunny Thursday afternoon and Caroline Dask is on her way to one of Newcastle’s most stunning hotels – INNSiDE by Meliá Newcastle…

In the midst of what feels like a never-ending winter, Thursday is the day that graciously reminds me that, first of all, yes, the sun still does exist and, second, warmer days are coming.

As the sun is beaming on the Quayside, it slowly but surely unpeels the beautiful layers that have been hiding under the grey winter clouds and I can’t think of a better location for the glamorous hotel, known as, INNSiDE by Meliá.

With the launch of their two dedicated Peloton Wellness Suites, I’m eager to see what the fuss is all about. Word on the street is that their exclusive, newly integrated wellness Townhouse suites are nothing short of perfection and this might just be the reason there’s an extra spring in my step as I get closer to the hotel.

Once there, I am greeted with nothing but smiles and a friendly demeanour. The hotel’s staff kindly welcomes me in and tells me how to get to the suite, however, I’m distracted by the luxurious interior of the reception, the path to my favourite restaurant – Gino’s and the twirling staircase, leading to the birds view over the ground floor of the hotel.

A few pleasantries, smiles and nods and I’m on my way to the Peloton Wellness Suite. I press button 6 in the elevator and arrive at the top floor with more rooms than grace the eye. A few wrong turns and turnarounds and here I am, right in front of Suite 629…

Peloton Wellness Suite at INNSiDE: First Impressions

Peloton Wellness Suite INNSiDE

The door opens and my eyes go straight to the floor-to-ceiling windows and the breathtaking view beyond. Overlooking the River Tyne with High Level Bridge front and centre, the view is simply magnificent. It might be one I have seen quite a few times already, however, it doesn’t fail to impress me, the hundredth time around.

Shifting my eyes from the view, I take a look around and notice the new, state-of-the-art Peloton Bike along with some workout mats, yoga blocks and the enormous Smart TV, ready with in-room content for a guided wellbeing session.

The Peloton water bottles, towels and hats do not go unnoticed and add a charming detail of care and attention. A key factor in making me feel extra special during my stay.

The Suite itself is a blend of spacious, modern and luxurious escape. The light and neutral decor is greatly appreciated by my eye as, always one step ahead (or at least trying to be), I just know this will make for one fabulous Instagram post.

The Interior

Peloton Wellness Suite INNSiDE

The living room is always the heart of the home and this time, it’s no exception. Inviting beige sofa with fluffy cushions, a large round dining table with leather seats and a coffee table graced with macaroons and a greeting card, welcoming us in.

It seems as though every detail has been carefully thought of, and this continues into the bedroom. The light and beige decor still dominates the bedroom, with even the dressing gowns and slippers complementing it.

The king-size bed could fit five of me and the white sheets are as soft as clouds on this sunny day. With Marshall speakers on the table in front of the bed, I decide to go ahead and put some music on to match the good mood I’m in.

Boogying into the bathroom space, it’s a very open-plan design with two sinks on one side and an additional one on the other. The white design is now mixing with black details, for an extra touch of luxury and lavishness.

Whether in need of a quick shower, or a relaxing bath, it’s quite a dreamy dilemma to have. It’s a hard choice as the bathtub might just be the biggest one I’ve ever seen and the shower is just as spacious, ensuring there’s room for a concert or two.

The layout of the Peloton Wellness Suite at INNSiDE goes all the way around the bathroom island and I find myself back at the door, finally, placing my carry bag down on the sofa. Let the night begin…

Time for Dinner

After a bit of exploring and wandering around the Peloton Wellness Suite, we’re ready for dinner. Conveniently located on the ground floor of the hotel, Gino’s is calling our name.

It’s not my first time at this beautiful open-plan restaurant and bar with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and Tiffany’esque blue and white decor, but the excitement remains the same. It’s safe to say, Gino D’Acampo Quayside is my favourite restaurant in Newcastle and I already know we’re in for a treat.

Lively chatter from the busy restaurant fills the air as our friendly waiter, Leo, walks us to our table. This doesn’t surprise me as I know the restaurant is very popular among those who enjoy the best quality Italian cuisine.

Gino D’Acampo Quayside: Starters and Mains

As we sip on Pinot Grigio, we don’t need to spend a lot of time browsing their Autumn and Winter menu. Everyting on it sounds delicious. It’s Salmon and Avocado Tartare (£14.50) for me and Caprese (£11) for my dinner date.

As we take in the surroundings and clink our glasses to a brilliant evening, our starters arrive and my Salmon and Avocado Tartare is a fusion of flavours. A unique paring, it’s refreshingly delicious and a new addition to my on going love for this foodie destination.

Following the success of my starter and continuing with the topic of seafood, I decide to go with Penne With Smoked Salmon with cream, courgette, asparagus, pine nuts and lemon (£17) and Crispy Duck with green beans, cherry and red wine sauce for my companion (£22.75).

A lover of Italian cuisine, I devour my pasta in no time. It tastes just as delicious as it looks. The notes of lemon and smoked salmon are pleasantly intertwining together. This could easily be my new comfort food.

Glancing over to my friend across the table, I can see she’s enjoying her meal as well. A quick taste of her crispy duck is somewhat reminiscent of the Christmas spirit, full of flavour and extremely succulent.

Heavenly Desserts

Peloton Wellness Suite INNSiDE

Sipping the last of our wine and feeling full and content, we decide to give in, and with Leo’s encouragement, we order desserts to sweeten the evening.

Loyal to my love for Italian cuisine, I go for Tiramisu (£8.95) and my dinner date opts for Gelato, a selection of ice cream and sorbet, served with a homemade
hazelnut and pistachio cantuccini biscuit (£7.95)

When the desserts arrive we’re left in awe of the presentation. After we finish gasping over the chef’s skill to perfect my Tiramisu (we both have attempted at making it home and failed miserably), we’re digging in without any hesitation.

Safe to say, if there is heaven on Earth it surely is the moment in which I took the first bite of my Tiramisu. The finger sandwiches carry the perfect consistency and the flavour of coffee is velvety and simply beautiful. È perfetto!

Peloton Wellness Suite at INNSiDE: Good Morning!

Peloton Wellness Suite INNSiDE

With our bellies full we’re ready to call it a night and head back to our suite. Once there, I take some time to try out the Peloton Bike and am very impressed with a rotating 360-degree moving screen, while my friend finds a sleep meditation session on the Smart TV.

After changing into my pyjamas and practising a bit of self care I fall into the bed and get a well-deserved good night’s sleep. The next morning comes sooner than I’d like but the view outside our window with the sunrise over the River Tyne and pink clouds make up for what feels like too-short of a stay.

Struggling to move our eyes away from the view, we decide to savour the last minutes at our Peloton Wellness Suite and order breakfast in bed.

Pastries, muffins, and a selection of toast with a range of jams and the delicious sweet aroma of coffee is a wonderful end to our stay and as hard as it might be to leave, we’re ready to say goodbye.

Peloton Wellness Suite INNSiDE: The Cherry on Top

A special mention goes to the staff at INNSiDE by Meliá as well as the staff at Gino’s. From the minute we arrive until the very end, they are extremely attentive, caring and a friendly bunch.

My friend points out how the smallest of details make the biggest of difference and I could not agree more. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that bring so much joy and it’s as clear as a sunny day (like which I arrived), that INNSiDE have truly hacked the little gestures that make them one of the best hotels in Newcastle.