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North East Charities to Support in Great North Run 2024

If you’ve missed this year’s ballot for the Great North Run, worry not, as there is an abundance of North East charities waiting to welcome you in…

While the ballot for this year’s iconic Great North Run may have closed its doors, fret not! An array of North East charities eagerly await your participation, offering a rewarding way to channel your enthusiasm and support.

Get ready to run for a good cause that resonates with your heart and experience the joy of giving back to the vibrant communities of the North East.

Here are just some of the North East charities participating on 8 September…

If U Care Share Foundation

If U Care Share Foundation is a charity based in County Durham. Its main purpose is to support communities, save lives and prevent suicide. Their team goes above and beyond to reach the most vulnerable people in society and support them when they need it the most.

Additionally, If U Care Share Foundation works tirelessly to educate younger generations on themes such as mental health, awareness and suicide prevention.

The charity was built in memory of Daniel O’Hare, who, at the age of 19 took his own life without any warning. Daniel had no previous history of mental health problems nor he had shown any signs of his intentions.

His relatives had started the charity to bring light to mental health and, most importantly, to prevent this from happening to another family.

Children’s Heart Unit Fund

North East Charities

Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) is a charity based in Gateshead with a heartfelt mission to support children and their families who receive treatment at Freeman Hospital, as it’s one of only two hospitals in the country to provide children’s heart transplants.

However, their support goes beyond that. CHUF is focused on raising vital funds for large and small pieces of equipment, facilities, research and aftercare. Their approach is all-encompassing, ensuring that kids with heart conditions not only receive medical care but also get the chance to grow, play, and thrive just like any other child.

By participating in the Great North Run, CHUF is raising vital funds for young people and their families suffering from heart-related conditions and this year, by running for them, you can be a part of their mission too.

Newcastle Hospitals Charity

Newcastle Hospitals Charity is a charity that’s focused on making a positive impact on hospitals across Newcastle. This includes making a positive impact on hospital staff, and patients in terms of providing innovative medical equipment, cancer research and ward refurbishments, all of which are necessarily needed.

Their five-year strategy aims to deliver excellence in patient and visitor experiences, supporting staff well-being and development, funding health advancements, collaborating for healthier communities, and engaging supporters and volunteers with a shared purpose.

Participating in Great North Run with this North East charity will be a step closer to making a tangible difference.

Smart Works Newcastle

North East Charities

Focused on bettering female employment in the North East, Smart Works Newcastle is working tirelessly to uplift women and give them better job opportunities through the power of clothing as well as coaching.

As their recent report shows, the job market in Newcastle is ‘bleak’. This means, now more than ever, their support is much needed. After all, it’s more than just clothes, it’s the feeling and confidence they give to stride towards a better tomorrow.

What started in London in 2013, has now expanded across the UK, including Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and more. In 11 years’ time, Smart Works has helped over 30,000 women in 11 centres across the UK. With your support during The Great North Run, this number could be even greater.

Red Sky Foundation

Red Sky Foundation is all about lending a helping hand to kids battling heart conditions, along with their families. They’re a beacon of hope, stepping in to ease the financial strain that comes with medical bills and other expenses.

Red Sky Foundation also understands that when you’re dealing with something as tough as childhood illness, you need emotional support too. That’s why they offer counselling, support groups, and activities to lift spirits and help families feel less alone.

By choosing to run for this charity, you will be raising funds and awareness for an important cause. This is your opportunity to show support to those facing unimaginable challenges and let them know that they’re not alone.

Daisy Chain

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Daisy Chain is a supportive hub for families dealing with autism. They offer practical help and a caring community for both kids and adults on the autism spectrum.

Their day centres provide a safe space for fun activities tailored to sensory needs. In that way, giving families a break while their loved ones are in good hands. But it’s not just about the kids. They also offer counselling and workshops for parents, helping them navigate the challenges of autism.

When you run for Daisy Chain, you become part of a supportive community. United by a common goal, every pound you raise goes directly to supporting families living with autism.

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation is a heartfelt tribute to a football legend and a beacon of hope for those battling cancer. Named after the beloved Sir Bobby Robson, this foundation is all about making a difference in the fight against cancer.

Through its tireless efforts, the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation has made significant contributions to cancer care, funding cutting-edge research projects and supporting the development of innovative treatment methods.

With your help this year in the Great North Run, they can continue making a real difference.

Willow Burn Hospice

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Willow Burn Hospice began over thirty years ago when two local women saw a need for better end-of-life care in rural County Durham. Their mission is simple: to provide comfort and support to patients and their families during life’s final journey.

The charity welcomes those with incurable illnesses, offering personalised care tailored to their needs and desires. They offer holistic day care, inpatient services, and bereavement counselling.

Running for this (and other) North East charities is an opportunity to combine your passion for running with a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those facing life-limiting illnesses.

Daft as a Brush

Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care is a shining example of compassion and support for cancer patients. Founded on the principle of providing free transportation to and from hospitals for those undergoing cancer treatment, this North East charity embodies the spirit of kindness and generosity.

What sets Daft as a Brush apart is its unique approach to patient care. Daft as a Brush volunteers offer a friendly and reliable door-to-door service, ensuring that patients can attend their appointments without the worry of transportation logistics.

Running for Daft as a Brush in the Great North Run supports cancer patients with free transportation and offers hope and positivity in this very challenging time.

Heel & Toe

Heel & Toe Children’s Charity is like a big hug for kids with physical disabilities and their families. They help children reach their full potential and support their families every step of the way.

From therapy sessions to helping with everyday challenges, Heel & Toe is there to lend a hand and make life a little easier. And those free education sessions? They’re like a chance for the little ones to shine and show the world what they’re capable of.

Running for Heel & Toe helps raise awareness about the challenges faced by children with physical disabilities and their families. It also shines a spotlight on the important work of the charity. In that way, inspiring others to get involved and support their mission.