BODYROLL Studio Newcastle

First Look at BODYROLL Studio Newcastle

BODYROLL Studio Newcastle is a new well-being brand that opened its doors in October 2023 with machines designed to massage the body’s lymphatic system. Caroline Dask chats with the owner, Triin Vihmann…

BODYROLL Studio Newcastle is a well-being brand providing lymphatic massages to its clients. Through specialist BODYROLL machines, the process involves a special position sequence and exercises according to the principles of lymphatic massage.

These unique machines are all elevated with infrared lights and colour therapy, all of the keywords that piqued my interest. After browsing the studio’s website and seeing how these machines look, I was curious to learn more about it.

Triin Vihmann is the brains behind the business. Originally from Estonia, having lived in America and then settling down in Newcastle almost two decades ago, Triin can now proudly call the North East her home. 

Bonding over our shared decision to leave our neighbouring countries behind, Triin and I dive deep into the intricacies and details of her business…

Could you tell me a little bit about the concept of BODYROLL Studio Newcastle and the inspiration behind it?

I suffer from fibromyalgia quite badly at times and I found that this machine helped my mobility and eased the pain I was experiencing. I do have to take medication for it, but this machine has truly changed my life.

These machines are quite popular in Eastern Europe and so my sister was the one who introduced me to them. Our family is scattered all over the world, she lives in Cape Town now and has brought this concept there as well.

When I first tried them, I noticed that my mobility had drastically improved and that is when I thought that I should bring this to the North East. It’s helped me a lot and I wanted to bring the benefits of it to the lovely people of the North East.

Could you elaborate on how the BODYROLL machines specifically target and benefit the lymphatic system?

BODYROLL Studio Newcastle

So as it is a lymphatic drainage massage machine, it works to massage your whole body, starting from the bottom of the feet, and moving up to the top of your body. Clients can put their feet up on the rollers, stand next to them, and target different areas of arms, legs etc.

There are 15 different positions and they flush all the toxins out of your body. There’s an infrared light function in there as well, which also penetrates your blood cells and speeds up your circulation and your heartbeat. This also contributes to calorie loss.

The machine also has interchanging lights on the bottom of it, which is a good mood booster, and I, personally, always feel lighter and happier after the session.

What are some other benefits of these machines?

They’re very versatile. They can be used for so many different things, so, as muscle recovery, health benefits, including joint issues, pain relief and even weight loss.

I think that’s also their unique selling point, they’re targeting lots of different problems and making people feel better both physically, and mentally.

How do you ensure that each session at BODYROLL Studio is tailored to the individual needs of your clients?

When someone comes in for their first session, the first thing I ask is ‘What are you using this for?’, to get an understanding of their needs and wants. There are a lot of athletes who do long-distance running and they usually come in for muscle recovery, so we work together to tailor the session, to make sure they get the best results out of the machines.

Some people come in to tighten their skin after they’ve had extreme weight loss, and I’ll talk to them and see how I can help them. I’m all about being quite personal and getting to know people and what works for them. I think that’s the best way to tailor the sessions and make them a bit more personal.

How often would you recommend these sessions?

BODYROLL Studio Newcastle

It depends on what you are using it for. But I recommend people come in after a workout to cool down and help relax the muscles. The machine works wonders to relieve the pain and help with any post-workout tension.

For weight loss, I would recommend starting from once-a-week sessions. I, myself, use it once a week, but I try to optimise it to around three times a week. 

If you use it more, you’ll see better benefits, and you can also use the machines daily if you desire.

Finally, could you share any upcoming events, workshops, or initiatives that people can look forward to at BODYROLL Studio Newcastle?

I just recently had an open weekend, I invited people in for the weekend to come in and get familiar with the machines and try them out for free.

This proved to be quite popular and I’m hoping to do something similar for Mother’s Day, just to show love and appreciation for all the mothers out there. 

At the moment, for anyone wanting to come and try the sessions, I have an offer, where anyone booking a block of sessions by the end of February gets 24% off.

For pricing and bookings, please visit BODYROLL Studio Newcastle, located at 7 Eldon Square, here.