Darlington Hippodrome

Darlington Operatic Society and Darlington Hippodrome Celebrate 100 Years

Darlington Operatic Society to celebrate a remarkable 100-year association with Darlington Hippodrome showcasing the arts and entertainment industry

Darlington Operatic Society (Darlington OS), a well-loved and influential north east community theatre company, is excited to announce its long-standing and extraordinary 100 year association with Darlington Hippodrome.

This momentous occasion is a testament to the unwavering commitment of both institutions to the arts and their immense contribution to the cultural fabric of their community.

Since its opening in 1907, Darlington Hippodrome has remained a beacon of theatrical excellence and creative expression. Hosting a broad range of productions and talented performers, it has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the premier theatre venues in our region.

Over the past century, it has become a cherished destination for all theatre lovers, showcasing a diverse range of artistic performances that inspire imaginations.

Darlington Hippodrome

Similarly, Darlington OS has been a driving force in the local and national community theatre scene. The respected theatre company has consistently brought unparalleled entertainment to audiences while helping countless aspiring performers hone their craft and fulfil their artistic ambitions.

Through their tireless dedication, Darlington OS has cultivated a strong sense of community. In that way, empowering individuals from all walks of life to participate in the magic of theatre.

2024 marks the centenary of a special meeting between representatives of Darlington OS and Signor Rino Pepi, Managing Director of Darlington Hippodrome back in 1924, to sign a formal agreement between the two parties to present annual shows at the venue.

Barring World Wars, theatre closure, restorations and global pandemics, Darlington OS has presented top-class community theatre at Darlington Hippodrome every year since and continues to offer two full-scale musicals at the venue each year.

Darlington Hippodrome and Darlington OS – a Century of Collaboration

The deep bond between Darlington Hippodrome and Darlington OS has been forged over a century of shared passion and collaboration. Their unwavering commitment to artistic expression, education, and community outreach has contributed significantly to the cultural enrichment of Darlington and the wider Tees Valley area.

DarlingtonOS has produced countless memorable productions that continue to resonate with audiences and inspire future generations of theatre enthusiasts.

To commemorate this remarkable milestone, Darlington OS will kick off a year-long celebration filled with captivating performances and exclusive events. All of which will honour the rich history and vibrant future that lies ahead.

The celebrations aim to showcase the magic, talent, and creativity that has flourished within the walls of Darlington Hippodrome.

Darlington Hippodrome’s Programming and Development Director, Heather Tarran-Jones said:

“This incredible milestone represents a century of captivating stories, memorable performances, and the power of human connection through the arts. We are proud to celebrate this momentous occasion with DarlingtonOS. We’re also looking forward to the countless stories that will be shared throughout the next century.”

The current Chairman of Darlington OS, Julian Cound added:

“To have persevered and thrived for a hundred years alongside Darlington Hippodrome is an extraordinary accomplishment. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to have played a part in our community’s cultural journey. And we are truly excited to continue enriching and inspiring performers and audiences for generations to come.”

Follow Darlington OS and Darlington Hippodrome throughout this special year as they honour their shared history, celebrate the legacy of the arts, and embark on an exciting future.

Darlington OS present Kinky Boots the Musical at Darlington Hippodrome from Wednesday 1 to Saturday 11 May. Tickets are on sale now by calling the Ticket Hotline on 01325 244659 or here.