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Bold Home Renovations with Greatlook Design Studio

Ian Mason, the creative genius behind Greatlook Design Studio, chats to Luxe about one of his recent projects…

Known across the North East for their exceptional knack for crafting bespoke, innovative designs, Greatlook Design Studio is a beacon of excellence in tailoring spaces that seamlessly harmonise with their clients’ lifestyles.

Whether contemporary chic or time-honoured traditional, Ian and his team possess the expertise, passion, and adept knowledge to bring forth the dream visions of their clientele.

Putting Ian and his team to work is a client based in Gosforth who required a complete overhaul of their apartment. The aim? To harmonise the entire space, breaking down the boundaries of each room and tying each element of the property together.

“The brief from the client was to bring the apartment together as a whole,” Ian begins as he delves into the depths of one of their latest ventures.

“The aim was to unify the apartment. It wasn’t just about one place; it was about looking at the different dynamics and variations to maximise the overall apartment itself,” Ian explains, highlighting the client’s desire for a cohesive living environment.

“It wasn’t just about redesigning spaces; it was about creating a seamless flow throughout the entire residence.”

Greatlook Design Studio renovations

Understanding the client’s preferences is at the core of Ian’s process.

“We start by listening,” he explains, emphasising the importance of client input.

Their preferences lay the foundation for the design choices, ensuring the final presentation aligns with their vision.

“Like with any other project, it starts with sitting down with the client and gaining an understanding of what they like and, more importantly, what they don’t like.

“It’s good to show a variety of options with different elements before they make their final decision on choices,” he adds.

Greatlook Design Studio Renovations: Careful Consideration

Gaining an understanding of what colours and materials the client does and does not like is one of the first and more important steps of the design process.

Once this has been established, Ian and his team can start compiling ideas together. As well as presenting typical design options which have all of the components the client is looking for, Ian explains the importance of also presenting a few alternatives they might not have considered, but actually work perfectly with what they’re trying to achieve.

“Choosing a material can be difficult and sometimes people aren’t quite sure what they want. The best advice I can give is that you have to make sure the material works on its own first.

“Each individual material needs to have the ability to work independently as well as work with any other material, colour or accessory you incorporate into the space. Think about things like your door handles, taps, cabinet material, worktops, doors. They’re all individual elements that need to work together,” Ian explains.

Careful consideration in selecting materials is paramount, as highlighted by Ian. His focus lies in ensuring that every individual element harmonises with the overall aesthetic.

Surprisingly, the client’s initial reluctance towards mirrored effects in the kitchen proved pivotal, contributing significantly to the space by creating a sense of depth and expansiveness. Selecting a colour scheme early in the design process holds immense significance.

Ian opted for a neutral colour palette to intergrate the client’s diverse art collection into the design.

Bringing The Design To Life

Greatlook Design Studio renovations

“Deciding on a colourway is another crucial step in any design process. For this particular client, we went for quite a neutral palette. The reason being, the client has an eclectic art collection that we wanted to incorporate into the design as well as painting each individual internal door in the apartment a different primary colour.

“Using a neutral colourway throughout allowed us to blend these elements together seamlessly,” he says.

“Once we had the vision, there was a lot of work that went into bringing the design to life. We had to completely rip out the entire apartment and start from scratch. In that way, giving the whole space a new lease of life,” says Ian.

The transformation involved a complete overhaul, breathing new life into every corner. Strategic alterations, like softened connections between spaces and increased natural light, fulfilled the client’s desire for an open, connected environment.

“We knocked through the wall to soften the connection between the kitchen, through to the dining room and on to the lounge, while also initiating that connection to the outside space as well through bifold doors.

Greatlook Design Studio renovations

“This helped hit the client’s initial brief of opening up the space as a whole,” he adds.

Furnishing became a collaborative process, integrating the client’s art collection and cherished possessions into this Greatlook Design Studio renovations design. The result? A space that effortlessly blends functionality with sophistication.

Every detail was considered. From the placement of radiators for optimal functionality to the finishing touches that added character and warmth to the space.

This project is a testament to Ian Mason and Greatlook Design Studio renovations to craft spaces that seamlessly blend individuality with a unified, cohesive design – a true masterpiece in harmony.