Men's Summer Tailoring
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An Ultimate Guide to Men’s Summer Tailoring

As the warmer season is fast approaching, Ian Fielding-Calcutt, founder of Fielding & Nicholson Tailors is sharing some dos and don’ts for men’s summer tailoring…

As the warmer season approaches with its promise of outdoor gatherings and elegant affairs, mastering the art of men’s summer tailoring becomes essential for style triumph.

In this comprehensive guide, Ian Fielding-Calcutt, the visionary founder of Fielding & Nicholson Tailors, unveils a treasure trove of dos and don’ts, ensuring men navigate the nuances of summer dressing with confidence and finesse.

Men’s Summer Tailoring: Summer Weddings

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Summer Tailoring

Do wear: Opt for a lightweight linen or cotton suit in pastel colours like light blue, pale pink, or mint green. Pair it with a crisp white dress shirt and a colourful silk tie.

Avoid: Avoid dark, heavy fabrics and formal black suits. Steer clear of heavy wool suits, and store them for winter weddings! Remember, not wearing socks is a big faux pas for a formal wedding. It’s more ‘high fashion’ or for the streets of Monaco, Caen etc. For a formal occasion go for tonal socks and trousers breaking on the shoe.

Race Day

Do wear: Choose a light-coloured tailored blazer paired with tailored trousers in neutral tones. A pastel-coloured or subtly patterned shirt will add a touch of elegance.

Avoid: Overly casual attire like denim or t-shirts. Skip the shorts and opt for smart tailored trousers instead.

Weddings in the Country

Do wear: Embrace earthy tones and breathable fabrics. Consider a light brown or khaki suit, complemented by a gingham or checked dress shirt. Opt for a linen or lightweight wool blend.

Avoid: Overly formal attire, such as dark pinstripe suits. Stay away from heavy fabrics and overly bright colours.

Weddings in the City

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Summer Tailoring

Do wear: A tailored navy or charcoal suit with a slim fit is a perfect choice. Pair it with a light-coloured shirt and a sleek silk tie. Opt for a sharp, elegant look.

Avoid: Overly casual attire, such as polo shirts or shorts. Avoid overly vibrant or casual patterns and stick to classic, sophisticated choices.

Men’s Summer Tailoring: Colours and Fabrics

Colours: Embrace pastels, earthy tones, and light neutrals for a fresh, summery look. Think light blues, soft pinks, khakis, and light greys.

Fabrics: Choose breathable materials like linen, cotton, and lightweight wool blends for comfort and sophistication.

Fits to Go For

Jackets: Opt for a tailored fit with a slightly shorter length for a modern look. Consider a slim fit to maintain a sleek silhouette.

Trousers: Choose a slim, tailored fit with a slightly tapered leg for a contemporary style. Avoid overly loose or baggy trousers.


Summer Weddings/Race Day: Consider polished loafers, suede derbies, or a pair of smart leather brogues in light tan or brown shades.

Weddings in the Country/City: Opt for classic oxfords in black or dark brown leather for a refined finish.


The Ultimate Guide To Men's Summer Tailoring

Ties: Embrace silk ties in subtle patterns or soft, complementary colours that add a pop of interest to your look.

Pocket Squares: Consider a light linen pocket square in a coordinating colour to add a touch of elegance.


Summer Weddings/Race Day: A lightweight tailored blazer in a light colour or subtle pattern can elevate your look without adding bulk or warmth.

Weddings in the Country/City: A classic navy or charcoal wool overcoat is a stylish choice for staying warm without sacrificing style.

Men’s Summer Tailoring: Grooming and Styling

Hair: Opt for a sleek, well-groomed hairstyle that compliments your tailored suit.

Accessories: Consider a stylish wristwatch and a sophisticated leather belt to complete the look.