Platinum Hydrafacial at Rejoy
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Review: Platinum Hydrafacial At Rejoy

In search of a boost of hydration and a glowing complexion, Nicole Wood heads to Rejoy – an award-winning skin, beauty and wellness salon in Teesside – to try out their Platinum Hydrafacial…

It’s that time of year when the cold winter winds and central heating plays havoc on our skin. What was once a glowy canvas just several months back is now a dry and congested base screaming out for a drink of skin-loving ingredients.

And if the typical British weather, as well as an over-indulgent Christmas, wasn’t enough to cause concern for my skin, a trip to the big apple added to the need for a deep cleanse and boost of hydration.

Our skin’s concerns, needs and desires are as individual as our fingerprint. What works for some, won’t necessarily work for others. Me personally? Finding the right skincare routine hasn’t come easy. I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and
money trying to find the correct products and treatments that work well for my
concerns while keeping my sensitive skin happy. So, trying out a new treatment doesn’t come easy.

After staring back at my reflection and feeling deflated about my congested pores, I was in search of a treatment that could do it all. A thirst-quenching, deep-cleansing treatment to reveal a glowing layer of skin is what I was after and that’s exactly what I found.

About Rejoy


Founded in 2015 by Erin Harper, Rejoy is an award-winning skin, beauty and wellness salon in Darlington. The purpose? Erin had a passion for eliminating stress as much as possible from people’s lives.

Since then, she has created a place to help women learn how to prioritise themselves again, and to do so without guilt. Through years of continuous education and training within the beauty and wellness industry, Erin has built a team of strong women who all hold the same vision.

From nail treatments and luxury facials to laser hair removal, Rejoy has something for everyone. Going from strength to strength, they have now opened their second location in Middleton St George and offer a variety of wellness services including vitamin injections, nervous system reprogramming,
and meditation.

I have the pleasure of attending the Middleton St George branch where I meet
the lovely Emma who will be carrying out my treatment.

After a quick consultation to go through my skin concerns, medical history and any questions, we’re ready to go.

The treatment I’m trying is the Platinum Hydrafacial which cleanses, extracts, and hydrates. This non-invasive treatment improves skin health, addresses individual concerns, and creates a glow like no other.

Everything I’m in search of wrapped into one treatment.

What Are The Steps Of The Platinum Hydrafacial?

Climbing onto the bed and cosying up under the blanket, my journey to healthier skin begins with a lymphatic drainage massage.

Platinum Hydrafacial at Rejoy

This first detoxing step helps to remove any toxins for a clearer complexion and helps to ensure the best results from the facial while improving circulation of the lymph system.

Next up, the cleanse! Time to reveal a new silky layer of clean, fresh skin by removing the dead skin cells and excess oil.

Platinum Hydrafacial at Rejoy

During this gentle exfoliation, my skin is treat to a healthy dose of salicylic and glycolic acid. These hard-working ingredients breakdown any dirt and oil that clogs the pores. Just what my skin needs!

One of my favourite parts? It’s a relaxing workout for the face. Unlike traditional facials, it’s performed via a device rather than by hand, for deeper penetration and longer lasting results.

The magic of a Hydrafacial is in the wand. This clever tool works like a vacuum to open pores for a deep cleanse and easy extraction of impurities. It also allows the active ingredients in the boosters to penetrate deeper, for a more effective treatment.

Platinum Hydrafacial at Rejoy

After giving it the fuel it needs to make way for a cleaner canvas, the painless suction tool is swept across my face to help vacuum away the debris out of my pores. With each gentle motion, I’m saying goodbye to any blackheads, dirt, oil and impurities.

I’m treat to a relaxing neck and shoulder massage before my skin is ready for the next step. As I feel myself drifting off into a peaceful slumber, this dreamy addition is everything I never knew I needed.

The infrared LED lights or as I like to call them, a mini holiday, are up next. The warm glow of red LED lights hover above my face helping to reduce redness. It also works to further stimulate collagen and elastin, supporting the natural production of vitamin D. Next, it’s the blue LED light which works to kill any bacteria sitting on the skin.

Platinum Hydrafacial at Rejoy

It’s then time to drench the skin for the ultimate dose of nourishment. The skin’s surface is saturated with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides to hydrate, protect and maximise the glow.

The Results Of The Platinum Hydrafacial?

If like me you’re a sucker for a satisfying before and after, then you will love witnessing the results from this hard-working facial.

Before showing me my new silky-smooth glow, Emma shows me something named ‘the gunky’ which is a swirling tube of water filled with the debris that’s been sucked out of the pores and swept off of the skin. After a close inspection, I feel confident in knowing my skin has been given a new lease of life.

Platinum Hydrafacial at Rejoy

As my treatment comes to an end, I’m amazed at the reflection looking back at me. An instant glow and smaller-looking pores are just two of the amazing benefits I notice instantly.

And now, one week later, my skin is still presenting a glass-like complexion. My makeup glides on smoother and my at-home skincare products sink in better.

The best part? No aggravation to my sensitive skin.

A little sceptical at first, I can now confidently say that the Platinum Hydrafacial really is an MOT for the face which is suitable for all skin types.

I’m already looking forward to booking in for my next dose of hydration and watching the results continue.

The Platinum Hydrafacial starts from £160 or you can upgrade your treatment to create a personalised experience to address specific skin health concerns from an additional £40.