Kyle Greenwood

My Life in Food: Kyle Greenwood

Meet Kyle Greenwood, an exceptionally skilled sous chef at Seaham Hall. Join us as we delve into Kyle’s culinary world to discover the profound significance food holds for him…

Kyle Greenwood, sous chef at prestigious Seaham Hall, sits down to chat all things delicious in My Life in Food…

A meal that takes you back to your childhood?

Sunday lunch was always a must in our house whether it was at home or my nana and grandads. It was always special as the family would unite for a few hours. The trio of meats was always a winner. My brother and I used to fight in the kitchen to grab a piece of crispy roast chicken skin before I would pull the big brother card.

The food that brings you the greatest joy?

I enjoy food in general. The whole concept of cooking, eating, learning, sharing. It’s what food is all about, right? The connection of all four processes coming together is something truly special. I am a foodie first and a chef second!

The food that represents where you come from?

Being from the sleepy seaside town of North Shields, it has to be an ingredient like langoustine. It’s one of my favourite seafood options, and since the local fish quay is among the country’s largest markets for fresh langos brought in by boats, you can find them everywhere in the area.

Your most memorable meal?

Kyle Greenwood

In 2015 after the birth of my daughter Grace, I stayed at the 3 Michelin-starred Fat Duck in London for six weeks and the experience was amazing. After my stay, I was invited back by the team to enjoy the menu I couldn’t afford to eat as a customer and it was sensational. They do this with all chefs as a thank you.

The best cook you know?

I know so many cooks but the best cooks I have worked with and who have influenced me are Damian Broom – Executive Head Chef at Seaham Hall. Alan Vass Sous Chef at Seaham Hall and Alan Okane whom I spent time with at the black swan.

These chefs have been the most fundamental chefs of my career to date and I can only thank all three of them for the time, patience and guidance they have shown me over the years. I’m a diva, and hard work at times!

Your favourite meal of the day and why?

Kyle Greenwood

Breakfast – because of the hours and days I work. Besides, breakfast is always the most enjoyable meal of the day. I can spend the morning with my wife Kirsty and eight-year-old daughter Grace before I head off for a busy day at work.

The food you turn to for comfort?

Wild strawberry trifle. I am a bit of a pig, to be honest, when it comes to trifle. Not only do I eat an entire family trifle by myself but also no one in my household likes it, so it’s a winner for me.

The food you always need in the fridge?

Charcuterie – I love it. Nothing better than a movie night with some nice cheese and crackers, charcuterie, olives and sundried tomatoes to snack on. Oh, and a glass of white of course!

The food you will never give up?

Chocolate, I absolutely love it. In the restaurant, we use so many different varieties of chocolate from around the world. I also love the stories and heritage of it and the processes of production from pickers who harvest the cocoa beans to the end product. This has always interested me.

What does food mean to you?

Food and cooking in general means everything to me. It’s not a job it’s a lifestyle. I have put my heart and soul into learning the craft and I still learn every day. I have found calmness in my soul in the kitchen and it has provided me with the best life due to the hard hours and dedication I have applied to it.