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Fun Ways To Keep Fit In The North East

Inject a little fun into your fitness regime with our pick of feel-good activities across the region…

Looking for fun ways to boost your fitness levels? Forget about the usual gym session or spin class, Luke Atkinson picks out a variety of fun activities across the North East to help you get fit…

Puppy Yoga

Puppies and yoga? Name a better combination…

Elevate your yoga practice with a feel-good session at Puppy Yoga Newcastle.

Relax and unwind as mindfulness and animal therapy come together to improve mental health and wellbeing for both human and pup. With 5-12 puppies at every session, there’s no need to worry, there’ll be plenty of cuddles to go around. 

Each class will be held within a 15-minute drive of Newcastle City Centre, but Puppy Yoga UK urges you to keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram page as classes are usually planned with 2-3 weeks’ notice due to puppy and venue availability.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Climbing

Take your fitness levels to new heights with a trip to Durham Climbing Centre.

Just three miles from Durham City Centre, on Meadowfield Industrial Estate, stands one of the largest dedicated bouldering centres in the UK.

Whether you’re a novice climber or a seasoned pro, the centre offers challenges for everyone.

If you’re looking for a fitness activity to suit the whole family, then this is the place for you. The family taster sessions are snippets of fun to show what climbing is all about; perfect for two adults and two children looking to make fitness fun.

For all the experienced climbers out there, head along and try out the large overhangs and a variety of angles. No route is the same, ensuring a new challenge is always on the cards.

Hang Aerial

Time to take on a new challenge!

Ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Consider starting a unique way of exercising with this exciting, yet challenging workshop in Newcastle. Learn new skills using trapeze, aerial hoop, cocoon and silks, which help to build strength and technique.

Hang Aerial will have you upside down, back to front and most importantly, having fun. You’ll be guided by experienced dance teachers and performers, so you’re always in safe hands.

The class offers a full body workout with strength and mobility being the main focuses.

Like the sound of it, but worried you don’t have the experience? Fear not, total beginners are welcome, with adults of all ages taking part.

South Shields Surf School

South Shields Surf School

Why not swap your usual gym gear for a wetsuit at South Shields Surf School where a range of in-water activities for all ages are on offer? 

There’s something for everyone, whether it be surfing, paddle boarding, coastal exploring, rock pooling, body boarding, swimming, snorkelling, beach games and more.

If the typical fitness programmes aren’t for you, then try your hand at something new and out of the ordinary. South Shields Surf School is dedicated to sharing the benefits of being in and around our ocean by making it as accessible as possible.  

South Shields Surf School welcomes people of all abilities, so why not take your exercise session to the beach where guaranteed fun is included?

Air Trail

Air Trail at Tees Barrage offers fitness enthusiasts a fantastic opportunity to take on an aerial assault course set high above the River Tees.

Set over four levels, with 38 unique challenges to conquer, there is no end to your adventure. From wobbly rope bridges to troublesome tight ropes all floating high above the River Tees, the trail has something to get everyone’s heart pumping.  

Until February half term, Air Trail is available for group bookings only. So, rally the troops, make a booking, and get ready take your fitness levels up a notch.

Broadway Boogie

Who said exercise has to be boring?

Broadway Boogie is a high-energy dance fitness workout that draws inspiration from Broadway and musical theatre from stage and screen. Sing, dance and express yourself whilst working out to all your favourite musical hits. 

Getting sweaty has never felt so good as you become a Broadway star and take on every leading role. You can embrace a different character with every single track and perform at your best, without having to worry about the normal pressures of a typical gym – or on-stage – environment. 

Find your nearest class here.


Are you ready to improve fitness levels, but don’t want the pressure of attending your local gym? Looking to push yourself and reach new limits at your own pace? How would you like to receive rewards for completing challenges? Fancy doing all of the above all while helping worthy causes? Then this new and exciting virtual challenge is just the ticket!

TernFit is the ultimate virtual challenge, perfectly crafted for individuals starting their fitness journey and those craving new adventures in their active lives. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned athlete, these challenges cater to runners, cyclists, swimmers, and walkers, all while making a positive impact with 10% of each challenge going to charity.

Embrace the freedom to race on your own terms – whenever, wherever, and in a manner that inspires you most.

Wild Sea Swimming

Wild Sea Women

Wild Sea Swimming comes highly recommended by many for those looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

With many groups available to join up and down our beautiful North East coast, Wild Sea Women was a group created to enable women to find others to dip in the sea with to prevent anyone dipping alone. 

Their inspiring motto ‘together we embrace the waves’ captures the enormous sense of community that us Northerners are renowned for. Join a group, make friends, conquer cold sea dips, and achieve personal goals with a chance for camaraderie and achievement.

As well as the numerous physical health benefits from this, improving your mental wellbeing will be a huge factor. Any woman is welcome with groups from Seaham all the way up to West Lothian in Scotland. Find where you closest group is here.


Exercising with the lights off sounds a little silly, right? Well not at Clubbercise!

This unique class boosts your fitness levels the fun way; by dancing along to classic dance tunes in total darkness, except for disco lights and glow sticks. Light up the room with your luminous clothing, bright accessories, ecstatic energy and prepare for a fitness journey like no other.

Clubbercise is more than just a dance class. The cleverly integrated cardio, toning, combat and plyometric moves increase the fitness benefits and keep participants coming back for more. The routines are easy to follow with high and low impact options to suit all abilities. 

Let your young hearts run free with these clubland-themed classes. Bond with friends and have fun, while the music takes you back and the class enhances your fitness levels.

Find your nearest class here.


Get Fit North East is a company that delivers a selection of fitness classes throughout the North East for people of all ages, fitness needs, and abilities.

From the wide range of classes, we’ve set our sights on ‘Tidal’, a 30-minute intense water based class that takes the typical aqua class to the next level. The programme will boost energy levels, relieve stress and increase muscle strength, power and endurance.

This high-intensity, low-impact session suits various fitness levels, offering a challenge tailored to individual abilities. 

‘Tidal’ sessions currently run every Tuesday (10:30am) and Thursday (6:30pm) at the Consett Leisure Centre, as well as every Tuesday (6pm) at the Louisa Centre, Stanley. Take a look at the availability and discover more classes from Get Fit North East here.

Riot Boxing

Bored of your typical circuit workouts? We hear you. Riot Boxing in Newcastle is the best place to up the intensity, get the endorphins flowing and ‘start a riot’. 

The Riot DJ will put you through your paces as you work out to all your favourite beats.

Imagine a dim and dark setting with bursts of strobes and neon alongside feel-good tunes. While you might feel like you’re in a nightclub, you’re actually in a safe space to let it all go and sweat your stress away.

Combing boxing, cardio and strength training, Riot Boxing is a fully body workout offering two different circuit options. Riot 1.0 includes five rounds on the water-filled Aqua Punch Bags, with another five rounds on the custom-made benches which will include both weighted and body weight exercises as well as some surprise elements. The Riot 2.0 circuit includes five rounds on the water-filled Aqua Punch Bags and another five rounds on the Five Zone Timed Station Circuit to challenge every element of your body.

Riot Boxing offers 45-minute classes on weekdays and weekends, providing a convenient workout option for those with busy schedules.