New Year Books

7 Books To Help Kickstart 2024

From some of the best planning journals to motivational page-turners, here are seven books to help get the new year off to a flyer…

A new year means new beginnings, and what better way to start 2024 than to open up a new page of a beautiful journal or dive into motivational books? Caroline Dask shares some of the best on the market…

Personalised Diary 2024

Personalised Diary

There’s nothing quite like opening a brand new diary, ready to fill the blank pages with plans for the busy and productive year ahead.

With the beautiful burnt orange cover and gold foiled personalised initials, it’s bound to become your best friend for 2024.

This planner has 52 weekly pages for your goals and plans, guiding you toward success.


Book journal

Book Journal

A must-have for any self-respecting bookworm. Transform your reading experience with this journal, enabling reflection on lessons, emotions, and the impact of each book.

Jot down your favourite reads and keep track of the best ones out there, so the next time someone asks for a reading recommendation, all you have to do is open your book journal.


Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits

Small changes wield immense power, contrary to the belief. that big changes are needed for life transformation.

In Atomic Habits, James Clear shows how tiny decisions compound into significant outcomes.

Exploring simple life hacks and cutting-edge psychology, Clear explains their impact backed by science. Packed with techniques and inspiring stories of achievers, it’s a must-read for personal growth.


Raising A Happier Mother by Anna Mathur

Raising A Happier Mother

Ready to start prioritising you? This book isn’t about perfect parenting it’s about you.

Anna, drawing on her experience as a psychotherapist and a mother, emphasises that caring for our children starts with caring for ourselves. Exploring self-care isn’t selfish; it’s vital for being a happier, more effective parent. By replenishing our own energy and nurturing our self-esteem, we set a powerful example for our kids.

This book encourages finding your authentic parenting style while highlighting the importance of self-empowerment and granting yourself permission to thrive – for your sake and your children’s.


The Extra Mile by Kevin Sinfield

The Extra Mile

A moving read to inspire you for the year ahead. This remarkable memoir unveils the story of Kevin Sinfield – a sporting legend, a loyal friend, and a devoted fundraising hero.

Sinfield’s journey from rugby league stardom, to rugby union coaching, and then to becoming a tireless fundraiser embodies the essence of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

‘The Extra Mile’ explains Sinfield’s mission to raise funds in the battle against motor neurone disease (MND), the devastating illness affecting his close friend and former teammate, Rob Burrow. An inspirational must-read.


Sleep and Rest Journal

Sleep And Rest Journal

We all know how important our sleep is. This year, prioritise it and bring more mental clarity, energy and fun by filling out a four-week workbook that will assist you in building new and positive habits.

This sleep journal identifies and helps break bad habits, guiding you to establish healthier ones using scientifically proven, habit-forming techniques. Take a small step towards a better and more refreshed you!


Bon Voyage Travel Journal

Bon Voyage Travel Journal

Whether you’re planning a trip to get some winter sun, or starting a countdown to the summer holidays, this travel journal will come in handy.

Let it be your companion this holiday season, as you record each day’s highlights. Crafted with premium leather, it features a luxurious Bon Voyage design and a thematic compass to guide you through your travels.