Peter Pan at Tyne Theatre & Opera House
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Review: Peter Pan At Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Luxe settles in for an evening of laughter and panto-fuelled fun at Tyne Theatre & Opera House…

In the heart of the festive season, Tyne Theatre & Opera House invites audiences on a whimsical journey to Neverland with their enchanting rendition of Peter Pan.

Building on the beloved classic tale, this panto extravaganza infuses the familiar narrative with its typical twists and turns, delivering a performance that captures the spirit of the Christmas season.

What’s Peter Pan about?

The timeless story of Peter Pan takes flight once again, enchanting audiences with its blend of magic, adventure, and panto charm.

Familiar elements of the boy who refuses to grow up, his band of Lost Boys, the villainous Captain Hook, and the iconic Tinker Bell are all present, adorned with the customary panto surprises that keep the tale fresh and captivating.

Peter Pan at Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Who’s in it?

An ensemble cast of talented performers brings this fantastical world to life.

Matt Lapinskas, recognised from EastEnders and Dancing On Ice, takes on the iconic role of Peter Pan with charisma and flair. Joining him is Cleo Demetriou, known for her role in CBBC’s So Awkward, portraying the endearing Wendy.

The lineup also includes Sam Lavery, an X Factor alum and Capital Radio personality, as Tiger Lily. Adding to the hilarity is Charlie Richmond, the comedic genius of Tyne Theatre, portraying the lovable Mr. Smee.

And back by popular demand, Lewis Denny reprises his role as Mrs Smee, ensuring a delightful array of characters that breathe life into the production.

Peter Pan at Tyne Theatre & Opera House

What’s good Peter Pan?

It’s back! The oh-so brilliant 12 Days of Christmas song made a special return for 2023 much to the audience’s delight… if you know, you know!

Peter Pan at Tyne Theatre & Opera House is an absolute delight, blending laughter, exceptional acting, captivating singing, spirited dancing, and all the cherished elements of a classic panto.

The show thrives on audience engagement, encouraging participation from all, and ensuring an immersive and joyous experience.

From the infectious energy on stage to the seamless execution of every scene, this production encapsulates the true essence of festive entertainment.

Peter Pan at Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Who should see it?

This production of Peter Pan is a spectacle fit for the entire family. Little ones will love the silly humour and crowd interaction, while the adults will find themselves thoroughly entertained by the clever innuendos scattered throughout.

It’s a show that transcends generations, offering something special for everyone in the audience.

Peter Pan at Tyne Theatre & Opera House

When is it on?

This magical journey to Neverland is available for audiences to enjoy from now until 7 January 7, 2024. Tickets and showtimes are available here.

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