Beauty and The Beast at Sunderland Empire
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Review: Beauty And The Beast, Sunderland Empire

Nicole Wood heads to Sunderland Empire for an evening filled with laugh-out-loud moments at this year’s panto, Beauty and The Beast…

With the festive season in full swing, Sunderland Empire presents a delightful rendition of the classic tale, Beauty and The Beast, sprinkled with panto magic and hearty laughter.

Expect enchanting twists and laugh-out-loud moments that ensure a memorable experience for all.

Beauty and The Beast at Sunderland Empire

What’s Beauty and The Beast about?

The timeless narrative of Beauty and The Beast unfolds on stage, brimming with the familiar storyline that warms hearts everywhere. However, this rendition boasts a playful array of panto twists, injecting vibrant energy and uproarious slap-stick humour into the cherished tale.

Beauty and The Beast at Sunderland Empire

Expect the unexpected as the tale unfolds in a charmingly unconventional manner, leaving the audience in stitches while staying true to the essence of the beloved story.

Who’s in the show?

Emmerdale’s beloved Charlie Hardwick graces the stage as the show’s narrator, Fairy Bon Bon. Her northern charm adds an enchanting touch to the production.

The beloved Miss Rory plays Rorina La Plonk, alongside Tom Whalley as her on-stage son, Louis La Plonk. The pair play an iconic duo creating side-splitting moments throughout – especially when it comes to audience participation.

Beauty and The Beast at Sunderland Empire

Olivia Birchenough shines as the lead, portraying the endearing Belle, while Samuel Wyn-Morris delivers a compelling performance as The Beast. Both deliver impressive vocals that wow the audience.

Marcus Knibbs embodies Belle’s father Clement with heartfelt authenticity.

Get your ‘boo’s’ at the ready as George Olney masterfully takes on the role of the oh-so-vain villain, Hugo Pompidou.

The ensemble cast of dancers and singers deserves a special mention too as their performance elevates the show’s charisma.

Beauty and The Beast at Sunderland Empire

What’s good about Beauty and The Beast?

This production delivers the quintessential panto experience, laden with an abundance of silliness and interactive moments that draw in the audience.

From witty one-liners to comical situations, the show is filled with laughter-inducing elements that entertain both young and old.

Beauty and The Beast at Sunderland Empire

It wouldn’t be panto without a few bumps in the road and unintentional outbursts of laughter. The unexpected twists and the cast’s ability to not take themselves too seriously adds a feel-good charm to the whole show.

Everything from the singing, dancing and acting, to the impressive sets and sound effects, is perfectly executed.

The whole show is kitted out with toe-tapping musical numbers that have the whole audience singing along. From Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Unwritten’ to a Beauty and The Beast-inspired take on Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’, not to mention a few hits from this year’s iconic Barbie movie! It’s a musical rollercoaster that keeps the fun dial turned up high!

Beauty and The Beast at Sunderland Empire

The fusion of traditional storytelling with modern comedic elements ensures an engaging spectacle that keeps the audience thoroughly entertained from start to finish.

Who should see it?

Beauty and The Beast is a show for the entire family!

Children will revel in the whimsical fun and playful antics, while adults can relish in the uproarious innuendos and clever humour woven into the storyline.

Beauty and The Beast at Sunderland Empire

It’s the perfect Christmas tradition suitable for all generations, promising an evening filled with joy, laughter, and heartfelt moments.

When is it on?

Catch this enchanting spectacle from now until 31 December at Sunderland Empire. Tickets are available here.