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Review: AGLOW at Auckland Castle

Luxe heads to Auckland Castle for its first large-scale Christmas event, AGLOW, one of the largest light trails in England…

Step into the enchanting wonderland of Auckland Castle as AGLOW takes centre stage. It ignites the festive spirit in County Durham with a dazzling display that’s currently the talk of the town.

Located in the heart of County Durham this enchanting event transforms the historic Auckland Castle into a radiant wonderland, captivating visitors with its dazzling lights and immersive experiences.

From the moment we step in, we’re taken to a dreamy Christmas paradise. The 1.5-mile light trail takes us through impressive illuminations that do not just capture the essence of the holiday season perfectly but also amaze the little ones.

A sparkling 100-metre-long love tunnel of 100,000 stars leads us into Deer Park where large-scale illuminations with lasers, neon ropes, mirror balls, LED vines and starburst trees take us on a journey of adventure.

AGLOW: Our Highlights

With so many impressive Christmas lights on display, there are a few that stand out the most. While the Tunnel of Love sets an impressive tone for what’s to come, The Deer House mesmerises with its soft glow of artistic light and deer installations, surrounded by twinkly Christmas trees.

The subtle interplay of light and shadows cast a spellbinding aura around it. All while showcasing its architectural beauty in an entirely fresh and entrancing manner.

Strolling through this festive paradise, it’s hard not to notice the tallest Christmas tree in the North of England. It stands at an impressive 30 meters tall! The tree has been lovingly adorned by students from East Durham College, sprinkling just an extra touch of magic on the whole experience.

The Dancing Fountains is an enchanting spectacle that adds an element of whimsy and delight to our visit. It’s a true symphony of movement and illumination, surrounded by vibrant colours and carefully choreographed water jets. Their playful and graceful movements reflect the festive spirit of AGLOW, inviting us to pause and appreciate the sight.

AGLOW: Santa’s Village


With our stroll coming to a near end, a visit to Santa’s Village is a delightful treat. Surrounded by a cold winter breeze, the destination is a welcome festive haven. One that radiates warmth, joy and the true spirit of Christmas.

Aromatic wafts of mulled wine, hot chocolate and seasonal treats mingle in the air, teasing the senses and inviting exploration. Santa’s Village is buzzing with activity, adorned with charming stalls in cheerful decorations.

The food offerings are there to chase away the winter chill with plenty of street food vendors offering everything from hot bites to cold ones.

A Magical Escape

From the moment you step in into this radiant winter light trail, you find yourself in a Christmas wonderland. It’s where the history of the Auckland Castle meets magic and blends seamlessly into modern-day frolics.

AGLOW is a celebration that highlights the best winter has to offer. It’s a perfect escape where families, friends and even little Grinches can come together to set the mood for a very exciting time of the year ahead.

Tickets to AGLOW are £21.50 for adults, £14.50 for children or £66.50 for families (consisting of one adult and three children, or two adults and two children)and children aged two and under enter for free.