Newcastle Hospitals Charity

Newcastle Hospitals Charity: ‘With Love’ Tree Campaign

Send a special message this festive season with Newcastle Hospitals Charity, igniting joy in the hearts of patients, families, and hospital heroes…

Spread love this festive season with the Newcastle Hospitals Charity. This year, join their heartwarming ‘With Love’ Tree campaign to share your special messages with patients, cherished ones, and the incredible hospital staff at RVI and Freeman Hospitals.

Your gesture is simple yet profound: donate £5 or more to the campaign and watch your heartfelt message come to life on a beautiful bauble adorning their ‘With Love’ Trees. Whether it’s a celebration, a token of gratitude, a message of affection, or a tribute to a special someone, your words will be lovingly attached to a decoration, proudly displayed on the RVI and Freeman hospital trees.

Newcastle Hospitals Charity

As a token of appreciation, you will receive a stunning ‘With Love’ Tree festive card to add a personal touch before handing it to your loved one during your next visit. And don’t miss the chance to see your message shining brightly on the tree!

Every donation directly supports the Newcastle Hospitals Charity, making a meaningful impact on patient care, research, and overall well being.

Join in illuminating lives, stitching together moments of love and hope this festive season. Let your message resonate and touch countless hearts. Because, after all, this is what Christmas is all about!

Take part in the campaign here.