Christmas Tree Care

How to Take Care of Your Christmas Tree

Croft Christmas Trees walks you through a guide on how to pick a fresh Christmas tree, different varieties and how to care for your tree…

Nestled in the heart of Christmas cheer for over 25 years, Croft Christmas Trees have been a cherished destination for those seeking that perfect fresh cut Christmas tree. The mission at Croft is simple but heartfelt: to grow and provide the ideal Christmas tree for every visitor, regardless of size, shape, or variety preference.

Christmas Tree Care

At Croft Christmas Trees, they understand that the perfect tree is a personal choice. Whether you fancy a small, large, bushy, thick, or slender tree, Croft has it all. They tend their 100 acre plantation all year round meaning you will have the best and largest choice of fresh cut trees when you visit.

Their care advice is always to water your tree, just like you would fresh flowers, and do not place it on underfloor heating (unless you use a cork mat and tin foil to conduct the heat). Measure your space before you visit so you know what shape and size you are looking for. Varieties are down to personal choice but here are their top tips…

Christmas Tree Care: The Nordmann Fir

Christmas Tree Care

Among the stars of their Christmas tree collection, the Nordmann fir stands out for its remarkable needle holding longevity. Its lush foliage boasts a glossy, rich blue-green hue that exudes Christmas cheer. What sets the Nordmann fir apart is its soft needles. This fir variety looks magnificent and stays fresh throughout the festive season, when cared for correctly, bringing the Christmas spirit to your home.

The Stalwart Norway Spruce

For those who appreciate a classic Christmas tree, the Norway spruce is a strong and sturdy choice. Its traditional shape and timeless Christmas scent evoke the spirit of the season. With small, short green needles, this tree is a great choice if you wish to have a fuller, bushier tree and you like to choose your tree closer to Christmas. Regular watering will help slow needle drop.

Christmas Tree Care: The Blue Spruce

The Blue spruce is another gem in Croft’s collection, known for its striking colours from steel blue to silvery green. With its symmetrical attractiveness and dense branches, it exudes Christmas charm.

Christmas Tree Care

Pot Grown Treasures

Croft Christmas Trees goes the extra mile with their pot grown trees. They nurture them from seedlings and planting them in individual growing pots in their fields. These specially designed pots feature a unique hole pattern, allowing the smaller roots to access water and nourishment efficiently. It’s a testament to Croft’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

As you search for the perfect Christmas tree this year, consider these fresh cut options lovingly cultivated at Croft Christmas Trees.

Whether you’re drawn to the longevity of the Nordmann fir, the classic charm of the Norway spruce, the elegance of the Blue spruce or pot grown trees, Croft Christmas Trees invites you to embrace the spirit of the season and create lasting memories with a tree as unique as your Christmas traditions.

Tree prices start from £25.