Christmas hairstyles

Christmas Hairstyles

From sleek low ponytails to glamorous side-swept waves, these sophisticated styles by Hooker & Young will ensure you’re the life of every party…

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It’s that time of year again – we can’t quite believe it! Where has the year gone? With the party season around the corner, it’s essential to not only deck the halls but also you! If you want to make a statement, your hairstyle can be your most powerful accessory.

The best party hair combines total sophistication with a little bit of sass, and it really doesn’t take much to change up your look and create something that will make you look like the belle of the ball. Let’s look at five quick and easy hair hacks that will get you party ready…

Christmas hairstyles: Sleek Low Ponytail

Christmas hairstyles

The sleek low ponytail is a timeless classic that never gets old and always looks sophisticated. This look works best on longer lengths, but short hair can be simply slicked back without the pony and look just as striking.

Use a fine-toothed comb and some hair gel to create a polished, sleek appearance. To add a festive touch, wrap a strand of hair around the hair tie for a chic finish.

Messy Chignon with Accessories

Prep your hair first with a wand, or curl with irons to create a gorgeous wavy texture. Gather your hair into a ponytail on either the left or the right side.

Loosely backcomb the ponytail and smooth over the surface. Continue to pull the ponytail through the band as if to tighten the base – continue as many times as necessary.

On the last pull-through, create a loop at the base as you pull through to create a messy bun. Wrap and pin the remaining end of the ponytail around the base to give texture and shape. To give your look a festive flair, add some cool hairpins or ornamental accessories and you’re good to go!

Christmas Hairstyles: Romantic Waves

Christmas hairstyles

If your everyday hair is worn straight, then showing up with gorgeous waves is always going to turn heads. Whether you have long or short hair, this style can be achieved with a curling iron or waved out with straightening irons.

Prep your hair first with volume-boosting products, the results are always better when the hair feels substantially fuller. Plus, the product helps hold the curl in place all night.

The Faux Bob

If you want to experiment without chopping your locks, the faux bob is a fantastic choice. Prep your hair by creating loose waves and loosely pull the hair into a low ponytail several inches below your lower hairline.

Holding the ponytail band, roll it up and under toward the hairline and secure it firmly with pins to create the illusion of a shorter bob. Now you’re ready for a stylish soirée and will have everyone talking about your ‘new’ short hair!

Christmas Hairstyles: Side-swept Glam

This look is simple but incredibly effective. Think Hollywood glamour with a deep side part and cascading side-swept waves. Prep your hair by drying it into a low side parting, then curl it into firm waves to allow you to brush out without losing the wave (a smaller wand or tong is recommended for this).

Brush out and finish with a spritz of shine spray and some fixing spray to hold the hair in place. This style screams sophistication and you’ll feel a million dollars.

Remember, it’s not just about the hairstyle but also how you accessorise it. Choose accessories that match your outfit’s colour or vibe. Whether you’re attending a glitzy black tie do, or going on your work night out, these festive hairdos’ will have you turning heads and spreading Christmas cheer. So, here’s to the party season and your fabulous locks!

Michael Young and Gary Hooker run Hooker & Young, with four salons across the North East. They have recently been awarded as global hairdressers of the year.

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Michael Young and Gary Hooker run Hooker & Young, with five salons region-wide.