Encanto Disney On Ice
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Disney On Ice at Utilita Arena Newcastle 2023

It’s back! Luxe heads down to Utilita Arena Newcastle to watch the magic unfold as Disney On Ice makes its triumphant return…

It’s December which means one thing… Disney On Ice is back!

Mouse ears at the ready! It’s time to celebrate the magic of Disney’s 100th Anniversary with Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Wonder.

Mickey Mouse Disney On Ice

What’s Disney On Ice about?

This year, Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Wonder story begins with Mickey Mouse and his friends on a quest to unearth Mickey’s most cherished memory. With help from families in the audience, the whole gang heads on an adventure through Disney tales, reliving iconic moments we all know and love.

Sail away with Moana on a daring voyage across the seas alongside the demigod, Maui, to save her island.

Delve into the wintry wonderland of Arendelle with Anna and Elsa, discovering the profound strength of true love.

The mystical allure of Fantasia comes alive as a Sorcerer’s Apprentice animates brooms, captivating little ones and parents alike with its enchanting magic.

Toy Story Disney On Ice

Embrace the motto ‘Live Your Story’ alongside the Disney Princesses. Witness their unwavering determination, perseverance, and hard work that inspire Mickey, the gang and the whole Utilita Arena Newcastle audience to share their cherished Disney memories.

Dive into the aquatic world with Dory, Nemo, Marlin, and Hank from Finding Dory, relishing in the joy of friendship.

Celebrate the essence of true companionship with Buzz, Woody, and the iconic Toy Story gang, sparking joy and nostalgia for audiences of all ages.

And a first for Disney On Ice UK, families will be taken on a journey to a vibrant town in the mountains of Colombia to meet Mirabel and her extraordinary family who live in a magical casita in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto.

What’s good about Disney On Ice?

Each year Disney On Ice is a spectacle that excels in every aspect, continuing to impress families with new additions and innovations.

The ice skating performances? Wow! They are nothing short of breathtaking, showcasing a level of skill and precision that leaves us in awe. Each routine is flawless, demonstrating the immense talent and dedication of the performers.

The choreography is immaculate, enhancing the storytelling and bringing beloved Disney characters to life on the ice. The joy on our little Luxe one’s face says it all!

Frozen Disney On Ice

Mindblowing acrobatics integrated into the show, seeing the likes of Ariel and Rapunzel circling the air, adds an extra layer of excitement and magic to the entire experience. The performers’ agility and grace while executing daring stunts are to be applauded.

And without giving too much away, Merida’s sparkly arrow and a fiery spectacle during Moana’s adventure are just two of the jaw-dropping special effect moments to keep an eye out for!

As each Disney classic fills the air and little ones sing along to their favourites, a magical atmosphere is created. It’s a memory-making experience that allows you to think back on other cherished moments from childhood.

Who should see it?

Disney On Ice is a show for the whole family! From teeny tots to pre-teens and even the adults, everyone can soak up the nostalgia of this must-see ice spectacular.

Moana Disney On Ice

When’s it on?

Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Wonder will be at Utilita Arena Newcastle. from 6 – 10 December 2023. Buy your tickets here.