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Best Books of 2023

Caroline Dask shares her list of best books of 2023, all of which made 2023 empowering, thrilling and all-round inspiring…

Best books of 2023, tailor-made for all passionate bookworms…

No Worries If Not by Lucy Nichol

best books of 2023

One of the best books of 2023 and an absolute must-read for those who just simply can’t stop apologising for everything. When we say everything, we mean everything!

If you find yourself in situations where you mutter the word ‘sorry’ when a girl at a bar spills her drink on you, or agreeing to go on dates with people you are incompatible with, just to avoid hurting their feelings – then you are very much like Charlotte Thomas, the main character in this story.

Explore life with Charlotte as you and her both learn how to stop apologising for your existence, once and for all.

I’m Not Done With You Yet by Jesse Sutanto

best books of 2023

If you were a fan of the widely popular Netflix series ‘You’, you will surely be a fan of this book by Jesse Sutanto. Two former best friends, Jane and Thalia, met whilst studying at Oxford University.

As the two women become adults, Jane develops an obsession with Thalia, a fully-fledged, successful writer, unlike Jane, who is, well… a nobody. With gripping storyline and jaw-dropping plot twists, this book will leave you falling down the rabbit hole of toxic friendships.

The Silence Project by Carole Hailey

best books of 2023

On her daughter’s thirteenth birthday, Rachel decides to start living in a tent, choosing not to speak to anyone ever again.

Soon enough, other women join her, forming a community. Eight years later, Rachel and her followers worldwide die by self-immolation, an event that gains even more influence than before.

Experience life through Rachel’s daughter’s eyes as she witnesses the community become a worldwide cult, one that she, eventually, finds herself joining. To say it’s one of the best books of 2023 is an understatement!

The Forgotten Girls by Monica Potts

best books of 2023

Although an American story, it’s one that fits the mould of Britain too. This book tells the real events of two childhood best friends. Both of whom were ambitious, thirsty for knowledge, and full of hope to make it out of Arkansas.

While Monica makes it to New York to become a journalist, Darci becomes a single mother of two with a drug problem. Join Monica on her journey back home to find out how and why her friend’s life went the opposite way.

Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang

best books of 2023

This twisted story will leave you craving for more from this author. Jane Hayward, a struggling writer, finds herself witnessing the death of her former classmate, who just so happens to be an industry darling. Not long after, Jane starts editing her deceased friend’s unfinished novel, and the more she edits it, the more possessive she gets.

After publishing it under her own name, Jane receives recognition and praise, but will her secret stay hidden? An important story about cultural appropriation, false identity and social media.

Mother Hens by Sophie McCartney

Mother Hens by Sophie McCartney

Hilarious, scandalous and a must read for anyone who calls themselves people pleasers. Four best friends, no kids, no family, no rules – only broken hearts and secrets – heading to Ibiza for the ultimate hen do.

While sun-soaked days and bottomless Sangrias might be what they expect, hiccups and mayhem is what they get and the past? Well it always has a way of catching up with you. This book was Sunday Times #1 bestseller earlier this year and for good reason!

One Blood by Denene Millner

One Blood by Denene Millner

Three generations of women, each with their own struggles, discovering what it truly means to be a family.

Grace who moves up north and falls in love, only to be giving birth to a girl that quickly gets taken away; Delores – a fierce, beautiful and intelligent woman, who sacrifices her dream of becoming a model to have a family; and Rae – Delores’s daughter, who just found out she’s adopted.

A heartbreaking yet beautiful story of black motherhood.