Northern Lights Newcastle

A Stroll Through Northern Lights Newcastle

Caroline Dask heads into Newcastle to see the city light up like never before. Northern Lights is the perfect light show to set the mood for the festive season ahead…

Northern Lights Newcastle offers a magical world of illuminations, as Newcastle’s only light trail, which officially opened in Leazes Park on 23 November. It’s a stunning after dark attraction of immersive visuals, original audio and jaw dropping illuminations set in the city’s Victorian park.

The winter attraction is the only one of its kind, where special effects, dynamic choreography, and a Christmas village with vintage fairground rides add an extra entertaining experience for the whole family.

Leaze’s Park Transformation

Northern Lights Newcastle

As the sun sets, Leazes Park transforms into a breathtaking canvas of colour, guiding us through a trail that’s not just visually stunning but also accessible for everyone, including families with prams and wheelchairs. It’s an experience that promises magic for all ages.

From the moment we step foot into this enchanting trail, the atmosphere surrounds us with festive joy. One that has us counting the days until Christmas! The light show ignites the city with a dazzling new holiday spectacle, setting a path for a mile-long trail complemented by lights, sculptures and special effects.

With an abundance of lights on display, the creators behind Northern Lights Newcastle power the attraction with generators fuelled by refined vegetable oil (HVO diesel), as well as using low power consumption LED units for most of the lighting fixtures.

Northern Lights Newcastle: Our Highlights

As the light trail walks us through a variety of themes and colours, each one carries its own unique charm.

However, Aurora Rising takes centre stage. Hundreds of floating balls gracing the surface of the lake, each one meticulously synchronised to the rhythm of music. One thing is for certain, it’s a sight worth seeing!

The Laser Garden walks us through thousands of brilliant green laser beams that gracefully dance through the dense haze. Strolling through it is an experience that allows us to step into a creative world. One that feels like a true fairy tale. The lush greenery around acts as a fabulous touch to the spectacle. Combining the wonders of lights and nature into a spellbinding show.

While Leazes Park acts as a home for each light installation, from Lantern Trees, and Fluff Pods to North Star and Tetra Park, one that stands as the most heart touching experience is the Luminary Lane.

The pathway of the Luminary Lane is creatively designed by young patients at the Royal Victoria Infirmary Children’s Ward. It’s a canvas of colours and shapes, breathing life into the stories and artwork created by the children.

Working collaboratively with the Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust, every step we take is a step into their creative universe. One, that allows their voices to shine through the illuminating display.

Northern Lights Newcastle: The Christmas Village

Forget the traditional Christmas market feast. The Christmas Village is a celebration of exceptional street food. Carefully curated to banish the mundane and introduce festive indulgence with a twist.

From gourmet hotdogs adorned with slow roasted toppings to mouthwatering stone baked pizzas and fresh Greek gyros. Each stall boasts locally sourced ingredients, catering to diverse palates with gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options aplenty. It’s a foodie’s paradise that supports local, independent businesses, ensuring guilt free enjoyment as you indulge in multiple delights.

Our advice? Arrive hungry and relish every bite. The Christmas Village welcomes you at the trail’s start and finish. Promising a feast from vendors such as Fat Hippo, Mac & Cheese, Twisted Chicken and more!

Concluding Remarks

With the first dusting of snow gracing the beautiful city, Northern Lights Newcastle was the perfect experience to remind us what winter is all about. Families, loved ones and friends spending quality time together, enjoying the short days of winter and this immensely impressive light show.

With a hot chocolate in hand, bundled up in woolly scarves, hats and gloves, friends by our side and beautiful scenery surrounding us, it’s the perfect way to make Christmas twinkle just a little bit more.

And with dates filling up fast, securing your spot early ensures you won’t miss out on this luminous celebration!