Silk Route Spirits

A Journey Of Taste With Silk Route Spirits

Introducing a brand-new spirit company, Silk Route Spirits…

Based in the west end of Newcastle, Silk Route Spirits is a brand-new spirit company that was founded on the principle that savouring a premium beverage involves consuming less while relishing a genuine, high-quality drinking experience.

Produced to the highest possible standards and using only natural botanicals, Silk Route Spirits provides you with the very best of tasting experiences.

This year, they have launched a range of London Dry Gins for gin lovers to enjoy and over the coming year have plans to introduce flavoured gins and specially blended rums to their premium offering.

Silk Route Spirits

Why Silk Route Spirits you might ask? They have drawn inspiration from the ancient silk route which for more than two thousand years has introduced flavours to the West that are truly exotic, and which have challenged their concept and understanding of taste. Without the trade that passed along this ancient trading route, they would not have many of the botanicals and tastes that build up the complex profiles of Silk Route Spirits drinks.  

What’s in the Silk Route Spirit range?

  • A Signature London Dry Gin (42% abv) 
  • A Navy Strength London Dry Gin (57% abv) 
  • A Golden Caramel Rum (40% abv) 
  • A Spice Rum (40% abv) 

And coming next year for you to enjoy; 

  • A Saint Clements Gin (40% abv) 
  • A Blood Orange Gin (40% abv)

This exquisite range of gin and rum is made up of a complex blend of exotic spices. Each ingredient used builds a unique and long taste profile, which will leave the botanicals dancing on your taste buds. 

The best part? When you purchase a Silk Route Spirit gin you are helping children and young people across the United Kingdom and abroad as they have established a charitable foundation to ensure a proportion of the money from the profit on each bottle goes to support those in need.

Why wait any longer? Allow the enticing taste of juniper or fresh Madagascan vanilla to tantalise your palate; embrace the comforting pleasure of salted caramel rum, and experience a luxurious beverage packed full of flavour. 

Sounds like the tipple for you? Join Silk Route Spirits in their taste adventure and let them transport you to distant lands and ancient flavours…