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SIX Baltic’s Autumn Tasting Evening

Our very own David Bootle heads down to SIX Baltic’s Autumn Tasting Evening, which took place on World Vegan Day, describing it as “a truly exquisite culinary experience.”

Celebrating the artistry of plant-based cuisine, they showcased the incredible flavours that can be achieved in the world of vegan dining. 

As a long-standing staple of the Quayside skyline, SIX Baltic has always been a beacon of culinary excellence, and their foray into the world of vegan cuisine did not disappoint.

Compliments to the Chef

The tasting menu, by Food Director Greg Lambert, showcased the creative power of plant-based ingredients.

Each dish was a symphony of flavours that perfectly complemented one another, creating a delightful journey for the palate. It was eye-opening for skeptics like myself regarding vegan cuisine’s culinary potential.

SIX Baltic’s commitment to sustainable and ethical dining was evident throughout the evening. The event celebrated World Vegan Day, dedicated to sustainable choices, and SIX Baltic embodied this spirit.

They celebrated the local plant-based scene with a fine dining experience showcasing their skilled chefs.

Charley Currie, SIX Baltic’s director and a passionate vegan herself, curated the evening with a vision for flavourful, sustainable dining. Her dedication to this cause was the driving force behind the success of previous plant-based tasting evenings at SIX Baltic, and it was clear that she had a passion for showcasing the diversity of vegan flavours. 

What’s on the Menu?

The Autumn Tasting Evening began with a locally-sourced PureKnead focaccia served with basil oil, sunflower pesto, and tomato fondue, setting the stage for an evening of culinary delight.

The menu offered an array of snacks and further delighted my partner and I with numerous courses, including a butternut tagliatelle with amaretto cream, pickled chilli, and sage.

The Portobello Kiev, Pont Neuf, sprouting broccoli and parmo sauce was utterly delightful and rich in flavour. The accompanying glass of Primitivo Appassimento Puglia Italy was such a perfect pairing. In fact all the wines that accompanied felt so natural with their food equivalent. 

The sweet finish was a gingerbread cake with roast pineapple and rum caramel, proving that a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up indulgent desserts.

It was absolutely divine and tasted of warm succulent Christmas heaven. And the Dulong Reserve Sauternes, Bordeaux sweet wine, was again a delightful companion.

As if that wasn’t enough, we then indulged in a trio of treats. These included pumpkin Oreo, passion fruit jelly, and a wonderfully tangy lime fudge.

A Setting that Excites

The venue itself, with its long-standing presence on the Quayside skyline, provided a stunning backdrop for the evening. The atmosphere was as delightful as the food.

I haven’t been to SIX for some time but it never disappoints. Such an ambient atmosphere yet warm, convivial and cool. The skyline view over the tantalising Tyne has to be one of the best restaurant views there is. 

At £50 per person, it was a dining experience that showcased the boundless potential of plant-based cuisine.

For those looking to elevate their experience and complement the flavours even further, an additional £25 per person could get you a drinks pairing that perfectly complements the dishes.

The next Vegan menu tasting will be held on New Years Eve – what better way to welcome in 2024 than with a great tasting experience, set against the backdrop of the River Tyne?