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Northumbrian Wagyu Dinner at 21 in Newcastle

Caroline Dask enters the world of fine dining with a bang – a bang named Wagyu. Something that should be on the bucket list of every self-respecting foodie…

Nestled within the heart of Newcastle, the prestigious 21 recently played host to an exquisite Northumbrian Wagyu Dinner that left quite the mark on the city’s culinary landscape. A gathering of esteemed guests, connoisseurs, and foodies alike graced the event, transforming the opulent dining room into a hub of conviviality and refinement. 

As a newcomer to the Luxe magazine team, I felt fortunate to attend 21, where I was promised an outstanding dining experience. The atmosphere here perfectly combines sophistication and warmth, paving the way for an unforgettable journey through the diverse flavours of Northumberland.

Meticulous Care

Steve Ramshaw

Our treat for the evening? A Northumbrian Wagyu dinner. Renowned for its exclusivity and exceptional quality, my taste buds are tingling at just the sound of what my palate is about to experience. Raised with meticulous care, Wagyu represents the pinnacle of rearing practices, a philosophy embodied by farmer Steve Ramshaw, one of the first British farmers to rear this special breed.

His 750-acre hill farm near Otterburn is a pure paradise to the cattle. Here, they roam around freely, grazing on a natural diet of grasses, heathers, mosses and herbs. As someone who has always liked animals just slightly more than humans, I was filled with joy, knowing that the exclusive treatment I’m receiving at 21, is very much the treatment that the cattle receive every day with Steve Ramshaw. 

Northumbrian Wagyu Dinner Menu

Northumbrian Wagyu Dinner At 21 Newcastle

As myself and a group of esteemed guests exchange pleasantries, a toast of Champagne kicks off the evening’s festivities. The Wagyu Cottage Pie, the first dish on the menu, impressed me with its perfect creamy texture and comforting flavours. Once the staff cleared our empty plates, I eagerly played a waiting game. I’m anticipating the next step of this Wagyu adventure. Meanwhile, our light-hearted conversation guided us through work, life, and everything in between.

The following courses, including the Crunchy Heritage Potato, Wagyu Tartare, and Confit Sea Scallop, were equally delightful, presenting a harmonious blend of flavours.

The Rare-grilled Sirloin and Slow-cooked Wagyu shoulder main course surpassed all previous steak experiences. The slow-cooked shoulder of Wagyu, in particular, stood out. It melted in my mouth and left a lasting impression on my taste buds.

I typically prefer starters over desserts, but the Williams Pear Jelly with Ginger and Orange Cream was irresistible. The sweetness of pear, tanginess of ginger and zest of orange evoked feelings of nostalgia. It reminded me of Christmas at my grandmother’s house in Lithuania.

Exceptional Service

As far as first experiences go, this is one I won’t forget. 21 has been good to me, welcoming me into its exclusive and luxurious arms. The exceptional staff here has consistently gone above and beyond at every step to ensure they address every need. An unforgettable evening filled with great food and exceptional company.