Luxury Coffee

Luxury Coffee: The History Behind

When is coffee not just a drink? When it’s a full-blown luxury experience, of course! Whether it’s due to intricate flavours and aromas, an amazing sensory journey into some of the very best beans in the world, or simply due to rarity and ‘wow’ factor, there’s a wonderful world of luxury caffeine out there waiting for you to explore it- with an exceptional experience guaranteed.

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic than your regular morning cuppa, then try these luxury beverages on for size. 

Why Are Some Coffees Considered Luxury?

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your little cup of pick-me-up just the way you like it. Even if that’s with tons of comforting syrups (and a few marshmallows for style points)! But if you’ve invested a lot in your coffee education, you’ll know that some bean varieties have unique flavour profiles and subtle nuances that connoisseurs crave. 

Often, this means a flavour profile that’s difficult to replicate without specific bean varieties that grow best in rare or difficult terroirs. This is why luxury coffee is typically associated with its specific region and unique growing conditions. Let’s take a tour of some of these regions!

Luxury Coffee in Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain is renowned for its mild, balanced flavour and lack of bitterness. Grown in (no surprise here) the Blue Mountain area of Jamaica, this variety benefits from high altitudes, ample rainfall, and fertile volcanic soil. The result is a cup with a mild yet deliciously complex taste known for bright acidity, subtle floral notes, and a clean finish.

Hawaiian Kona

Hawaiian Kona is a treasured gem from the slopes of Mauna Loa in Hawaii. The unique microclimate and rich volcanic soil create a brew with a delicate, smooth flavour, low acidity, and a hint of nuttiness. Plus, let’s not forget its consistently exceptional quality!

Luxury Coffee in Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe hails from a specific region of Ethiopia. As our fans already know, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and for some, its spiritual home. Fans love this unique luxury for its bright acidity, floral and fruity notes, and an almost tea-like quality that makes it deliciously easy to drink. The beans are wet-processed to bring their vibrant flavours to life.

Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra Mandheling, grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, brings a full body, low acidity, and earthy, herbal flavour to life. The beans are again processed using the wet-hull method, which builds their distinctive character. This is a bold and complex drink with a long-lasting finish.

Panama Geisha 

Panama Geisha is a legend in the world of luxury coffee. It’s grown in the Boquete region of Panama at high altitudes and with meticulous care. Geisha brings a staggeringly bright acidity, floral and fruity notes, and remarkable complexity to the table. It’s not easy to get your hands on, either! It always fetches high prices at auctions due to its exceptional quality and reputation.

Kenyan AA 

Kenyan beans are always a treat. In this luxury coffee, it’s not really about the growing conditions, but rather the character of the beans themselves. AA beans are carefully selected ultra-large beans of the very best quality. The result? Bright acidity, full body, and complex flavour. You can expect fruity, wine-like notes with a pleasingly sweet aftertaste.

Exotic Luxury Coffee

Luxury Coffee

Not all luxury coffees are labelled that way because of the bean variety or the areas they’re grown. Some are also famous for the way they’re processed, and even some strange and quirky practices that go into each cup. Here are a few every budding connoisseur should try at least once…

Kopi Luwak 

Kopi Luwak, often affectionately called civet coffee, is one of the most famous luxury varieties in the world – but not for an appealing reason! Civets, a small and rather adorable little furry creature, eat and excrete the beans. They undergo a unique fermentation process in the civet’s digestive system, resulting in a smooth and aromatic brew. However, ethical concerns regarding this production method have led to a demand for more sustainable alternatives, so always read the label carefully.

Black Ivory Luxury Coffee

Black Ivory is another exotic variety, hailing from Thailand. It’s made similarly to Kopi Luwak, but this time with Thai elephants digesting the cherries. Makers then carefully collect, clean, and process the beans. The result is a cup with a unique flavour profile characterised by earthy, chocolate, and fruit notes.

Hawaiian Peaberry Luxury Coffee

Peaberry beans are unique in that they are the result of a single bean inside the cherry, rather than the usual two. Hawaiian Peaberry is highly sought after for its smooth, bright, and well-balanced flavour.

Yemeni Mocha Luxury Coffee

Yemeni Mocha is famous for its historical significance as well as its unmistakable flavour. It is dry-processed, where the cherries are left to dry directly on the branch. This creates a cup with intense, wine-like acidity, chocolate undertones, and a rich, spicy aroma, as well as an interesting story.

Which of these ultra-luxury coffees are you going to try first? Remember, half the fun is in trying new experiences!

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