Luxe Supper Club Hilton

Luxe Supper Club: Hilton Gateshead

The Luxe team and an exclusive guest list indulge in a spectacular seven-course tasting menu at our winter Supper Club hosted at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead…

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Nothing brings a group of people together like good food, great conversation and even better company. Indulging in the art of fine dining, Nicole Wood and Debi Coldwell from Luxe recently played host to a captivating and elegant evening at the distinguished Hilton Newcastle Gateshead.

The occasion – our celebrated Luxe Supper Club. It brought together an exclusive gathering of esteemed clients and business aficionados. All while setting the stage for an unforgettable evening that seamlessly combined an exceptional foodie experience with stimulating conversations.

Amidst the sophisticated atmosphere of the private dining room, adorned with the soft glow of candlelight and captivating views of the River Tyne, the evening began with effervescent conversations and a toast of welcome drinks. Paving the way for an extraordinary gastronomic journey that awaited our discerning palates.

The talented chefs at Hilton, artisans of flavour and finesse, meticulously orchestrated a seven-course tasting menu. It transcended mere sustenance, embracing the very essence of culinary artistry.

Luxe Supper Club: First Course

Luxe Supper Club First Course

The soirée begins with the first course. A symphony of flavours in the form of celeriac and truffle soup with a delicate sourdough shard. A harmonious balance of earthy undertones and subtle textures that set the stage for the sensory feast to come.

The succulent scallops, delicately perched atop a bed of cauliflower and watercress, provided a refreshing interlude. All while enticing the senses with their delicate sea-kissed essence and verdant undertones. Perfectly cooked, each bite was a pleasure leaving us craving for more.

The evening progressed with the tender lamb. Perfectly accompanied by a velvety mash with a crisped top, carrots and pea puree. The lamb is the perfect pull-apart consistency one desires from this delicate meat. This dish is met with triumph across the whole dinner table.

The savoury flavours of the crab arancini, enhanced with sage, offering a delightful contrast is up next. A crisp exterior leads to a delectably creamy centre, leaving a lingering impression of satisfaction and refinement. Making its way to the table next is a sumptuous beef fillet.

Heavenly Bites

Hilton Gateshead

Exquisitely paired with anna potatoes and a medley of wild mushrooms, every bite is a testimony to the meticulous attention to detail and the celebration of premium ingredients used. A rich delight that will satisfy any foodie.

A sweetness begins to creep in with the sixth dish. The Yorkshire blue, juxtaposed with the crimson hues of red chicory and the tangy essence of pickled pear, encapsulates a symphony of contrasting flavours, harmoniously merging into a crescendo of taste sensations.

The finale of this mouthwatering journey is the chocolate and coffee, raspberry, toffee and passionfruit. Think a fusion of luscious, velvety chocolate intertwined with the tangy brightness of raspberry. Plus the rich caramelised essence of toffee, and the exotic allure of passionfruit. Simply delicious.

Delightful Food In Great Company

A feast for the eyes and the taste buds, every dish we have had the luxury of indulging in is an absolute taste sensation. The chefs here have gone above and beyond to ensure an exquisite dining experience that will satisfy everyone from the fussiest of eaters to the esteemed critiques of the foodie world.

Gourmet delights aside, every member of staff bringing our culinary dreams to life is a credit to Hilton Newcastle
Gateshead. Their expert knowledge and friendly demeanour goes a long way amongst guests.

Each and every guest around the dinner table is a pleasure and a joy to be around. Amidst each mouthful of our exquisite feast and equally delicious wine pairings, we delve into deep discussions about business strategies, share personal experiences, and exchange anecdotes that lead to moments of hearty laughter.

Luxe Supper Club: A Success

A room filled with a sense of camaraderie, where professional insights seamlessly blended with lighthearted humour, creating an atmosphere that was both intellectually stimulating and genuinely enjoyable.

The whole Luxe Supper Club team would like to extend a special thank you to the wonderful Director of Sales, Lynn Proud, and Commercial Director, Olivia Macgill, at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead for pulling together a sensational evening. Deliciously divine food and wines, exceptional company and a brilliant location… what more could one want from a winter dinner party?